Future – Fo Real f. Drake (prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

blame it on Shake January 11, 2013

Struggle Falsetto and Aubrey link back up for the latest leak off Future’s Free Band Gang mixtape, dropping on January 13th. Shouts to X on the premiere.

  • OhLawwdnikkuh


  • d-bo

    Drake’s still a bitch made wigga.

  • kiko

    It’s easy to hate Drake but I mean i’m gaining more and more respect for his hustle just over his guest spots. Songs hot.

  • fu the dog

    Wow, this really sucks.

  • rebecca future black

    what is the appeal of future? seriously. he’s like the rebecca black of hip hop…if you can even call what he does hip hop.

  • julio

    Future sucks . Drake is mr jew man but only uses his black side to say the word nigga over and over again . fuck you drake . what you a soft ass nigga bitch

  • durptron5000

    Future, I’m sorry to inform you Pluto is no longer classified as a planet.

  • Fosterakahunter

    “Struggle Falsetto” lol Priceless. And, Mr Baby-soft Thighs. This [email protected] is too garbage. I think what most will respond to is the production on the joint, but vocally.. Nah.

  • The beat is the foundation of most songs and then is hot or not based on the vocals, or vice versa in which the beat helps the vocals, but in this case, neither helped either.

    Future didn’t bang and drake couldn’t hang.

  • Myper spective

    I literally cannot listen to Future’s voice. But Its hilarious to me how many dudes dislike drake, and only because he be speaking the truth bout yall niggas. Emotional bastards, don’t get mad at Drake cause he’s real and yall niggas straight pretending. what type of shit is that? -A disappointed lady.

  • real rap

    did drizzy come at spitta? you just jealous you just spitta? weezy n spitta beef? hmm…drake you jew curl ass mother fucker you have nice lyrics but never come at the hot spitta

  • real rap

    nevermind. he said “you just bitter” hard to listen to jews

  • kidadonis

    Does that even count as a verse by drake? It was literally was just shit talking on tape. Like literally a one-sided argument. And never lied? How about dissing and never replying? iQuit

  • snow

    real rap you are fucking pathetic. stop being so angry at the world and maybe you wouldn’t be such a bigot.

  • Pauly D

    Pretty good musically. Hope the mixtape is diverse like Pluto

  • whateveriguess

    all you people on here hate anything thats related to mainstream.
    Go listen to your damn Brother Ali somewhere else.