G4shi – Lana’s Song x RIGHT (Video)

blame it on Meka January 11, 2013

Directed by86th 1/4th Collective

Introducing The Kid G4shi, an Albanian rapper originally from Kosovo but now resides in Brooklyn. G4shi, meet the dopehouse. Now, play nice.

  • crooks

    shit atleast white boy isnt rapping about beer pong.

  • esco

    not bad . action bronson little brother lola

  • Yahboydc

    Finafuckingly! This is REAL music!

  • prodie

    heard him on Aaron Cohens mixtape . #murk

  • champagnepapi

    His track beautiful world and Rocket are also bangers

  • Emceesquared

    This dude Gashi is NICE… Dope record!!! Great post…

  • Visar

    Style… substance… sophistication… and simplicity, with the ability to transition into different dimensions throughout the song… pretty dope

  • thebeast52


  • Uptown

    Looks like this might be the first white rapper in ASAP . ROCKY spoke about him on complex.

  • These Hoes

    ^uptown that sounds like a load of shit…

  • cantstopthehustle

    lol i doubt that about ASAP but he deff will be signed in the near future! dope!

  • eddiewolfgang

    @cantstopthehustle Do your research on him homie and see what ASAP Rocky said about him lol

  • fakes

    ^^ sounds like fake comments.. this kids wack. lol. trash. flows trash, lyrics trash.. beats are kinda ill tho

  • yourgirlsonmyd

    COLDDDDDDDD! flow is smooth, concept ill. dope post!

  • @fakes

    ahaha somone sounds angry. i dont think he is wack i think everything is ill about this. its been a while since a white kid impressed me