• imhh

    super dope

  • LimpidityMuzik

    Real hip hop!!! #Salute

  • Israel

    Say that then Bro

  • re

    2db wtf is this? we dont comment on hip hop around here. post some pictures on mmg and young money so we hip hop heads can make fat jokes

  • Stephen

    GQ has been on the JAMLA imprint since 2009 FYI

  • Rida

    Fucking love this guy!!! 9th wonder is a fucking genius

  • Phil

    Newest member? Da fuck...

    But yeah track's dope, can't wait for the debut

  • Phil

    Also everyone should check out Trouble Man if you haven't already. Definitely worth the money or at the very least worth the time to download.

  • Eb

    GQ doin the damn thang. Jamla baby!!!