Joe Budden – No Love Lost (Tracklist x Snippets)

blame it on Meka January 11, 2013

Jumpoff Joe’s return to the solo scene drops Feburary 5th, but you can get an idea of what to expect down bottom. UPDATE: X provided snippets, which you can listen to below as well.

1. Our First Again
2. Top of the World f. Kirko Bangz
3. She Don’t Put It Down f. Lil Wayne & Tank
4. NBA f. Wiz Khalifa & French Montana
5. You And I f. Emanny
6. Castles
7. All In My Head f. Royce Da 5’9″ & Kobe
8. Skeletons f. Joell Ortiz & Crooked I
9. Ghetto Burbs f. Emanny
10. Last Day f. Juicy J & Lloyd Banks
11. Role Play
12. Switch Positions f. Omarion
13. Tell Him Somethin’ f. SLV
14. Runaway
15. My Time
16. No Love Lost
17. She Don’t Put It Down (rmx) f. Fabolous, Twista & Tank

  • yooo

    #10 just stands out!

  • Frank Kennedy

    7 & 13 are both out. 13 is one of emanny & joes best collabs

  • k-eazy

    10 and 4 tho…..aye

  • cLaRk


    Looks like i might have to edit out a lot of these features sorry but i don’t listen to Kirko Bangz Lil Wayne Wiz Khalifa French Montana Juicy J & Omarion

    Is this real or is Joey trying to get a different audience

  • iAmRafy

    ^^^DITTO!! But that Skeletons tract with Crook and Joell tho…

  • cam

    I’m glad he put All In My Head on here..
    Tracks 8 &10 >>>>>>>>
    Can’t wait to see the production credits.

  • Dashboard


  • nyc22

    Joey was way better when he was broke… Mood Muzik 2 & 3 >>>

  • Dump

    This looks soft as hell.

  • wow

    snippets sound good, this is a proper way of making good crossover music (unlike WTOH) Last Day is a banger.

  • speezola

    This shit sucks. These fuckers were all like “Buy Slaughterhouse, we’re so different from the mainstream”, then sign a deal and turn into the motherfuckers they said they were different than. What a bunch of assholes.

    • jazz

      In the end its all about money tho they said they was different drop one killer album then a second not great but sic album and nigga buying that other bull shit still cant rap for free bra

  • Killaaa

    Track 10

  • jag15

    where the fuck is the blu and elzhi track. these features are shit

  • chuck

    huge budden fan.

    this tracklist looks extremely underwhelming. ill listen to it before buying it. never done that with a budden album/tape.

    what a shame. theyre alienating the fans that gave them the success they attained.

    i get that ppl grow, styles change what have you. but this shit? nahhhhh no thanks

  • M&M

    Artwork kinda reminds me of Assassin’s Creed

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm artwork matches the tracklist!

  • intriguedone`

    Im gonna say I am intrigued.

  • FOH

    Seriously? SMFH I hate all of you. You guys are hating on songs that you haven’t even heard in their entirety. Do you know how stupid that is? Not only that, but just because he features JUICY J, WIZ KHALIFA, LIL WAYNE etc. he’s not the same Budden anymore and he’s lost some of y’all’s respect? You guys have to stop being little hiphop purist faggots and stop looking at it from a fan’s perspective.. You really think his label would’ve allowed him to release this album without these features and instead with features from ELZHI & BLU? Seriously? In THIS DAY AND AGE? Y’all gotta be kidding me. I don’t even understand why you guys bother being haters, he’s already made it clear by saying he doesn’t care what his fans think of these collabs in an interview. I’m completely stumped tho… DANNY BROWN (whose voice is obnoxious as fuck, whose lyricism is below average, and who looks like a fuckin homeless man) gets more respect on here than WIZ KHALIFA? The same guy that gave us ROLLIN PAPERS, KUSH & OJ, and CABIN FEVER? Seriously? Fuck outta here. Y’all are always TOO COOL to like anything and y’all always hate on rappers who become successful outside of the Internet, smh

  • brooklyn

    ^^^^^cosign, somebody said is he trying to gain a new audience?? uhhh why wouldnt he? his old one never supported him lol @clark, you dont listen to those guys? so how do you know there not good? you dont listen to them because there popular, thats the answer

  • DC

    Maaaannn FUCK a blu and elzhi track, nobody wanna hear that “lyrical cereal spiritual” shit all fuckin day.

    Much respect to Joey for exercising his versatility with this project. I like his previous projects more than anybody, but even I get tired of that depressing shit on every tape. Celebrate your success man, he signed to Shady (a major label) so why the fuck shouldn’t he put out different shit while he has the platform? If yall were really Budden fans then you would support whatever he drops with an open ear, rather then take one look at the tracklist and go “I dont like it”.

  • BygSev

    Nicca look like an R&B singer!!! SMH!

  • Anil G

    Number 8 is DOPE>>>!!!

  • RD

    I think it’s a pretty well balanced offering. Look at the big picture…

    First 1/4 of the album is catered to the commercial audience.
    Second 1/4 he goes street/lyrical with his expected collabs..
    Third 1/4 he clearly catered to women, pretty obvious and intentional.
    Final quarter of the album I think are the songs personal to him.

    And of course a random remix to cap it off in typical fashion.

  • Zozo

    it does sound soft but ill wait to judge til i can hear the album in full

  • zozo

    8,15,16 sound like the bangers

  • chuck


    you couldnt be any more wrong. but i dont have the time to pick apart that rambling nonsense. people listen to music for different reasons.

    and youre not looking at that tracklist from a FANS perspective like you suggested we do. youre looking at it from a business perspective.

    • FOH

      If I’m wrong, then tell me why. If you interpret that as a “business perspective” then fine……I call it realism tho. Joe’s a great emcee, he knows what he’s doing.. You’re just bitter that he’s working with people who you despise because they’re “sellouts” “mainstream” “not lyrical” and all that other shit.

  • DBS

    Sounds pretty bad, I listen to Budden because of great beats and Budden not because of Wiz Khalifa and terrible autotune hooks. I guess he’s going for that mass appeal, I hope it works out.

  • (l,k)

    if its bad, even worse than put it down, then we can shit on joe. but until that happens, chill the fuck out. the dude’s happy right now. do you really want him to still make emo songs about even though his quality of life has improved and hes kind of a star now, he still is depressed? fuck outta here. if the music isnt as good (or at least not better than a loose quarter, which was only above average), then you can talk shit.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ I can promise you, without even hearing Joe Boredom new shit that it will sound depressing and emo. Haven’t you heard ALL his other albums since his first? He’s an ok lyricist but overall Joe is a wack artist.

  • (l,k)

    ^^^^wack people dont get to decide whos a wack artist

  • marty mcfly

    The niggas wack cause after a decade in the game the only thing Joey is still known for is Jump Off. Pump Pump Pump It Up!!!! LOL all his other shit is some whiney bitch shit about his fucked up relationships and drug addicts. Cry me a river punk.

  • JG

    It’s amazing that so many people hate on Joe, but they are on here listening to snippets of his new music. If you don’t like his music, cool, don’t listen to it. If you think he’s wack, cool, you’re entitled to your opinion. However, if you haven’t actually heard anything from him since “Pump it Up” your opinion of what he does is severely off base. And it’s crazy to see how many folks will listen to Drake and say how great he is, but call Joe emo. In the words of Ed Lover “C’mon, son!”

  • marty mcfly

    Simple Drake makes better music (better beats, hooks and in some cases verses) thats why and Drake hasn’t spent the last ten years making emo shit like Joe has. The Emo shit is ok but it still has to be dope emo shit and some of those records throughout the years aint always been that dope from Joe. I know it and so do you.

    • terrance

      Drake is successful cuz he is signed to young money. Same as meek millz, wale, nikki. But let’s see where they will be ten years from now. Joe has maintained a fanbase for ten years without being signed to a major. Why? Cuz he as fans, not groupies

  • marty mcfly’s mom



    These will probably be my favorites !

  • I can already tell that #14 will be on repeat for me. Can’t wait for this album, digital and physical copies!