• Flip

    This shit should be get high with santana lol

  • TruthSoHelpMeGod

    This trailer gave this guy a little bit of hope... The n!gga was original at one point in time. This might be a dope tape after all. #Follow @TheMilleniumKid on Twitter

  • kitcloudkicker

    not feeling most of them features except wale and jada. Future sounds like a crying robot and yo gotti just turned soft. Juelz needs to work with people like krit, freddie gibbs, spitta and kendrick. Juelz is a smart dude but is limiting himself to make only superficial swagg music

  • https://www.facebook.com/StrifeImmaculate Strife Immaculate

    Juelz gonna show the people he still got that crack. Mostly dope features. Can't wait to hear that Juelz/Wiz combo. 412 shit mixed wit the Harlem beast, this shit gonna be dope.


    lookin forward to juelz jada and banks!

  • dante

    Compilation Album