• http://audioperm.com tip

    PSYMUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck yea son we fuckin out here cuz

  • http://psymunbeats.com psymun

    thanks yall! psymunbeats. com

  • damacha

    dang like dang it's so sexual! way 2 go psymun!

  • nancy

    Psysum has the most amazing beats, that dog is going somewhere. So make sure follow his work, so you can say "I knew him when"

  • Blz

    Big ups to PSYMUN, perfect pick, and thats the homie, g shiit

  • CPKjesus


  • http://psymunbeats@gmail.com psymun

    omg blu commented on this omg omg

  • donjuan

    second place dude killed it!

  • http://Melvinjunko.bandcamp.com Junko

    Everyone did their thing! Congrats to all and thank you

  • Dwz

    Fuck yes. The rise begins

  • caliagent1

    The winner is ok but not that great!To polished sounding.Sounds too much like just blaze and not enough like mf doom.The runners up are just awfull.I have heard other versions on facebook & twitter that sound better than any of the top 3.

  • http://nunya gelhatesyou

    Sounds like someone is bitter as fuck that they didn't win. SMH.

  • http://www.grabthatbeat.com Sentury Status

    How do we claim our prize ? I havent heard any info on the matter . P.S thanks for the oppertunity

  • Push

    congrats to the winners.. mine turned out aight.. but I aint enter.. Blu even shout me out in the first line.. haha.. http ://youtu.be/uCa4yqeKv4g

  • http://yeahyeahsoonenough Shiggy Sean One

    All 3 are nice! Good Work fellas! So many dope producers. It would be hard to pick a winner with over 200 submissions.
    No beats get wasted over here tho! I'll have to use mine for something else...lol!

  • http://topnotchproductionz.blogspot.com Marcus Manderson

    Congrats to all the winners! Dope remixes!...