• DROL

    I watched ASAP Rockys livestream when he was with a couple of dudes saying they were working on a beat for raekwon, perhaps its on this? If i know what im talking about please holla

  • Chris

    This shit will be hot!

  • Yusuf

    Can wait to hear this shyt.

  • Shotgun Charlie

    Gibbs & Rae on a track niiiiiiiceeeee!...Wait, wheres Tony Starks at tho?

  • you

    @Shotgun Charlie

    smh.. can't Rae do a single thing without Ghostface?

    Don't get me wrong, I love Ghost. I think he might be my favorite MC of all time. But come on man, Rae is Rae, and he needs to be able to do his own songs.

  • david

    Nice I thought this was gonna be an EP, like 5/6 tracks, glad I was wrong! And @you that's true but still woulda been cool to get a Ghost verse

  • chuck

    thought RZA was involved in this?


    a Ghost verse would have been a definite plus

  • Jules

    Love Rae but I'm not shure about this. Maybe the Buckwild-joint. Three tracks by Scram Jones though? And Maino?

  • l000

    I'm pretty stunned to see how people can't write jewellary the proper way? Guess he was, uhm, running out of space on the cover, and decided to shorten it to jewlry. Damn.

  • Schoolboywithattitude

    ^I'm pretty stunned to see how people can contradict their own argument

  • Jett

    I'm sure ghost will be on the EP somewhere Wu I'm general are notorious for not flouting features on blast like that