Joey Bada$$ - Unorthodox (prod. DJ Premier)

blame it on Illy January 12, 2013

Earlier this week we watched the Brooklyn kid Joey Bada$$ and legendary producer DJ Premier cook one up in the lab for Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound, and now we get to hear the final product. "Unorthodox" will be available for free download at Green Label Sound very soon, until then, here's a radio rip.

  • gert

    CLASSIC PREMO !!!!!!!

  • kayo

    Wow... And I don't say that a lot

  • AndOneill

    Fire!! Joey is the truth, real shit!

  • That was a super hot track. I had to replay that 3 more times after the first listen!

  • Truth

    hell yes!!

  • gregory kruxx.

    Huge Primo fan but honestly his production has not evolved or impressed me in over ten years. I know Im gona hear Im a hater or words of hate from othas but its just how i feel. I think he made this beat 30thousand times already...Ehh. Last great primo beat i liked was 2nd childhood. Honestly, it even disappoints me and is hard for me to say that is what it is

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE!!! and I hope Premo never changes his beats ever. There is something different going on through depending on what record he chooses to sample but as far as the Premo technique, I hope he does the same shit FOREVER...

  • marty mcfly

    And good thing Joey taking NY back to essence cause Harlem is not supposed to be sounding like Houston. End

  • fuck ya mothafucka

    gimme mp3 bitch

  • mz

    damn that sounded a bit boring. Hopefully the cdq'll be better.

  • Kidd

    Joey keeps progressing kid gets more and more dope

  • ray

    i always see this cat rockin ecko..hes bringing that shit back haha..i used to rock that shit in middle school..2000

  • This kid can spit

  • these hoes

    @mz damn that sounded a bit boring? get the fuck outta here and go listen to some Trinidad James or some shit

  • stopcryingyoulittlebitch

    Joey undoubtedly has a insane amount of potential (still baffles me that he is only 18!! ) ..BUT , lets face it, this is %100 nostalgia and nothing else. This sounds like a beat premo made 10 years ago showing no signs of progression. Scratch hooks are outdated and played out (yes i know premo is the pioneer), but what's the point of making hip-hop that sounds exactly like it came out of 94, when I can just listen to hip-hop from 94?

    evolve or die.

  • chuck

    id rahter listen to this premo beat than some recycled lex luger, young chop or mike will beat.

    any day. nicetrack. excited for CDQ

  • 1


    dope dope joint

  • malcyvelli

    wow, he really does just keep getting better, this is what needs to be coming out of new york, not some sound stealing fucks that cant even really showcase the sounds/culture of their own region, keep puttin on joey

  • YO Joey your music is respectable but you gotta cut out the Ecko dawg I can't fuck with you till then fam haha.

  • R-E-A-L

    The Future right here... this kids mind is so intelligent he sounds way older and more mature than 90% of the rappers out today. We got a 17 year old speaking on social awareness and 28 year olds rapping about bitches and swag. Shit is all backwards.

  • not ever mike will made it beat is the same. but i get what you're saying @chuck. but this is dope. i've been a fan of joey since 1999 and he's still coming out with heat.

  • jones

    @R-E-A-L "28 year olds rapping about bitches and swag."

    You mean 35? 2 CHAIIIINZZZZ

    This kid got the future in his hands!

  • mezz

    Thats progression.
    Hopefully Joey erases the stereotype of all 17 year olds being idiots that only rock to shitty music.
    Can't wait till a pro era tour.

  • Chuck E

    @Marty McFly Uh, you DO know Primo reps Houston, right?

  • marty mcfly

    @Chuck E, yes I am aware of that but his music is basically the heartbeat of NY hip hop and even though he was born down south. You know what I meant.

  • TEA


  • have you heard 1999?

  • TRU

    I dont know why new hip-hop fans get mad when someone makes throwback sounding music. Let us listen to our style and yall stick to your pretty boy swag. Most of the fans that hate on throwback hip-hop were too young during that era so they dont even know what they missed out on. Yall will just never understand.

  • eatshit

    Not feeling this premo beat. Sounds like one of his low budget shits. Give joey one of those nas, royce da 5'9 quality premo beats.

  • Ranks out

    Premo is the best producer alive PERIOD! There can be no argument about that whatsoever. For the dude who says he hasn't released a hot beat in 10 years he needs to listen to 'Say Goodnight' by Reks.
    Joey Badass is bringin it back to real hip hop and the boy can't even drink legally yet. Mad respect to both these dudes the joint is hot and i hope they make more fire together. Real hip hop still livin

  • TEA


  • Pauly D

    Let's be honest: Joey was extremely subpar on this song lyrically, nor has he shown any real progression as an artist.

    Premier continues to show why he will never be a Top 10 producer in Hip Hop.

  • @ranks out: you obviously haven't heard dilla. no disrespect, Premo is good but dilla IMO is better.

  • wait what?

    Wait, is Pauly D on crack? If u listen to these lyrics it's pretty undeniable that Bada$$ KILT this plus this beat is vintage gangstarr premo. What else could u want you weird ass nigga?

  • Pauly D

    Not really "vintage". More like, it's the same old Premo beat that's on every other song that he does these days.

    And yes, I listened to the lyrics and they were still subpar/typical

  • marty mcfly

    Go check Premier's production credits and you can pull up 10 plus dope beats from every year of his career as well as production from whole albums top to bottom. Premo is not supposed to change his production style. That opinion only comes from trendy style jumpers who switch from style to style depending on what's popular at the time. When Premo is done with music he'll have a legacy based on a solid production style that he pioneered and made his signature. That sound is the core sound of real hip hop period cause you can check alot of classic shit and Premier is on it and if he's not his influence can still be heard on it. Dj Premier is the true essence of hip hop music and the true example of artistic integrity. If Premier ever did some off the wall other type stupid sounding shit just to please you fake and fickle fans it would be some bullshit. Most these producers you fools jump around to from this era will be forgotten when their career is over. Premier is going down in the hip hop hall of fame for a reason. If you feel otherwise its because your young and dumb and btw Joey killed this shit. Wordplay was definitely on point end of story idiots.

  • Brooklyn

    Joeys definitely dope lyrically, but old school hip hop fans are so sensitive lol pull your panties up sheesh, one guy said this sounds a little boring, mr hip hop head replies "get the fuck outta here and go listen to trinidad james" lol wtf? Nobody can think this is isn't that great with out being a trinidad james/swag rap fan? @tru, I didn't see anybody get mad at joey making "throwback hip hop" ...seems like they jus don't feel it and YOU old school hip hop fans are the ones who get mad when people don't feel it.....I personally think this song is cool, joey definitely can rhyme, but the beat was boring to me, that doesn't mean I like pretty boy swag music lol get over yourselves

    • Jazz

      I agree with you bro beat was boring. But old school stuck in the 90s niggas think you a Trinidad James automatically and know nothing about your music taste smh. They make preemo seem like he a god and can't make mistakes or something cuss he from the 90s

  • Jazz

    yaw stupid if you think this a dope beat.
    I mean Joey badass is dope too nice but I was hoping something better from preemo. Like that heaven 4 gangsta beat he made for game that was tuff. This just isn't progressive really. Joey tho jeez man I can't believe he's only 17 bout to be 18 smh. We got older cats rappin like poop

  • brooklyn

    ^^exactly, he says something like "you young people wouldn't understand because you weren't born when this was popular", rite an most old fans will never understand new school production cuz they were born in the past lol. NOW that hip hop evolved, new school production is more MUSICAL instead of jus boom bap scratch lol just because you want to hear something more music with difference influence doesn't mean you like wack rappers. Most old head are ignorant, I like new school production better but I say this is cool, you like old school production and everybody that likes new school production is a fag? Lol real mature, I thought ya were supposed to be older than us??

  • marty mcfly

    This aint about old vs young or new production vs old production so nobody gives a shit what you like or dont like. What's stupid is you click on a Joey Bada$$ song produced by DJ Premier and somehow you act like you didnt know what you were about to hear? Who the fuck expects to hear a different sounding Premier? THIS is his style and its been that way and yes its gonna be boom bap, you just now figuring that out? Why would you press play on this if you into other shit? And again, is this the first time you heard a Joey Bada$$ song? Didn't you already know what this was gonna sound like? STFU you little punks cause you do like wack shit so dont try to cover it up now. If you aint into "throwback hip hop", why the fuck would you listen to this shit? It aint about oldschool vs new its just about dope shit vs wack shit. If you into some other musical influenced shit then go fuck with that shit instead of listening to "throwback hip hop". Simple as that

  • marty mcfly (go listen to Future or some shit)

    And just so you know, anytime you see the name DJ PREMIER its gonna be boom bap, throwback, real hip hop purists shit ok. EVERY TIME ALL THE TIME and some of us are just fine with that sound. No need to hope for some other sounding shit when you see prod. by Premier. FIN

  • Brooklyn

    @marty, I don't know if that bitch fit was towards me or the other guy, but I clicked on this because joey bada$$ is dope, if you read my comments I said this was cool....jus that the beat was boring, and I expected that because I think most premo beats are boring lol and it is about old school vs new school and young vs old ONLY because you old niggas make it about that..Y'ALL are the ones whi always start with that "if you don't like this your a trini dad james/swag rap fan"...obviously referring to the new school fans

  • brooklyn

    @marty And again I think joey is dope and this is exactly what I expected, dope lyrics+boring production ...which I can live with as long as he can spit..soi definitely knew what I was about to hear when I clicked this...just responding to the ignroant "old school fans" mad at everybody who doesn't like this beat or any beat that sounds like this and immediately discredit there taste in m usic...were from 2 different eras so our taste is going to be different

  • brookyln

    @marty, alot of people give a shit about what people like or don't mite not but that's actually what this debate been about lol and the whole point in me commenting so that was a fail

  • Pauly D

    "Go check Premier’s production credits and you can pull up 10 plus dope beats from every year of his career as well as production from whole albums top to bottom. Premo is not supposed to change his production style. That opinion only comes from trendy style jumpers who switch from style to style depending on what’s popular at the time."

    Not even this. If you aren't evolving as a producer or rapper, why the hell are you deliberately making music? The fact of the matter is Preemo hasn't dropped an objectively good beat since 2007. Heads look at Preems name and automatically stables it as "classic" (when it was the complete opposite).

    Compared to producers like Just Blaze, Kanye, Mike Will Made It, etc, Preem isn't shit RIGHT NOW. I'm not saying dude doesn't have a legacy, but right now he's really garbage.

    And, again, with Joey he had some great lines here and there but overall it was just a boring and subpar verse lyrically.

  • Pauly D

    What kind of artistic integrity includes making the same beat over and over again for multiple years? Exactly who is he trying to impress? Hip Hop heads that won't even fork over any money to buy his EPs and albums? What?

    There's an obvious reason why Premier isn't at the forefront or even a really talked about name in Hip Hop. Because in music (or really any profession), you either evolve or you "die".

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ You have to be an idiot to write such bullshit. 1st off its not oldschool vs new or young vs old because its ONLY YOU making that claim. Who the fuck is Y'All? and how do you know if somebody is old or oldschool just are based on them liking "throwback hip hop"? YOU mite just be old and dumb yourself just trying to front like you know some shit. Fool that era were talking about was only a decade and a few years before this one. So everybody here is familiar with that era even the new school and clearly Joey is an example of those that appreciated it. There are just others that dont appreciated the raw form of hop hop cause their idiots that find it necessary to talk down on the pioneers cause they only live in the present and switch from trend to trend every time the wind blows. Everybody here should have some knowledge of this type of sound and have some respect for it as well. So unless you were born after BP1 or Get Rich Or Die Trying came out dont give that young cat shit cause you aint a kid no more fool. Plus you think Premo beats are boring? What does that have to do with anything and why would I or anybody else care what the fuck you think is boring? That just makes you sound even more stupid cause if you think his beats is boring then go listen to another Bada$$ song dickhead, certainly dont click on this one cause you see who made the beat. I made the comments I made for people that imply they want Premier production style to change. Anybody who thinks his beats are boring are clearly in the minority of that argument so while you talk about who's ignorant while basing your opinion on assumptions you only sound like your throwing the bitch fit yourself. Now all your gonna do next is come with some pointless bullshit argument about what you THINK the point of all this is but save it. Your just talking to talk but you haven't said anything and its only YOU who does the shit. Whether you use other names like ny22 or some other NY type of name its only you that makes debates over very small and pointless based on assumptions and perceptions that only you find important. Really you just create side arguments or simple minded attacks based on your own confusions cause there is never any substance involved in anything you say. So STFU and go listen to Lil Twist cause whether your young or old, your definitely young minded or stupid or both.

  • Danjamouf

    @ djzrex I said best producer ALIVE! Dilla didn't get any props til he died, sad but true. In fact I remember him getting a backlash for joining the ummah and 'ruining' the sound of the Tribe album beats rhymes and life. Premo has been on illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die and Life after Death to name a few, who else can claim that?? his legacy cannot be touched or questioned. Dilla may be your personal choice of that's cool, but Premo is the best producer hip hop has ever seen. FACT

  • marty mcfly

    That comment was @brooklyn but @Paula, Before you talk about DJ Premier why dont you go find out who your talking about? Your talking about Premier position in the game compared to other producers? Like why dont you go find out what it is and then talk. You think because you sau he aint made a dope beat since 07 that its just fact? GTFOH, you aint even heard most his shit in the last few years so what are you talking about AND you dont even understand the kind of music he makes so you think that maybe it should change. NO fool you dont understand a trademark signature sound. Go figure out what that means and then try to understand why the same person your knocking as had an incredible career that those other producers you name looked up to and that most producers will never match or pass. He is at the forefront of hip hop fool cause he IS HIP HOP. Those other producers you named were raised off his sound and influence cause Premo is the blueprint of hip hop production fool. Yes there are others but check the credits then talk.

  • marty mcfly

    Your talking about RIGHT NOW? Do yo have any idea how long Premier has lasted through the "RIGHT NOWs" of the hip hop. When someone talks about being timeless, they talking about people like Premo. These cats caught up in RIGHT NOW will fade out and be forgotten once the next hot thing comes along and shits on they style. Meanwhile Premo will still be going and going and will be remembered for making dope shit. FOREVER

  • brooklyn

    @marty, I didn't make up the "old schoolvs new school" thing, this something that ispresent in 2dopeboyz I don't know where your getting this, what im saying is old hip hop fans are usually the ones who bash anybody who doesn't like old school sounding shit because there close minded. So as soon as somebody says they don't like a beat like this, they assume that person is a fan of "swag rap"...THAT JUST HAPPENED here, im not making this up. Even YOU yourself wrote something like "go listen to future" or some shit lol why do people gotta go listen to future cuz they don't like a premo beat?...Im pretty sure not everybody that likes "throwback hip hip is old, but most of the time they give it away in there comments saying "you new school cats", you "skinny jeans era niggas" lol I respect this era your talking about, what I said is I like the new era better period. Like I said, THIS WAS COOL lol I don't have to worship the shit. Your asking me why would anybody care if I think premos beats are boring? Lol now you sound like a dickriding angry man, because this is the comment section im giving my opinion just like you, an Im not talking down on this kind of production, I clearly said its cool but not that great to me..I don't have to click on another joey song because this is a premo beat, I came to here joeys lyrics, the beat I can pay no mind to, plus im in the minority ONLY in the internet world as far as liking premo beats lol reality check most people today would rather here kanye, just blaze kinda production...its only you hip hop purist who dickride premo. By the way I can't make debates myself, it takes more than 1 to debate lol that means if you think what im saying is stupid why you debating? Lol. Wanna have the last word or something?

  • marty mcfly

    Dj Premier after 07 (since Paula said thats the last time he made a good beat)

    Fat Joe - That White = FIRE
    Ludacris - MVP = FIRE
    Torae and Skyzoo - Click and Get It Done = FIRE
    Bun B - Let Em Know = FIRE
    Joell Ortiz - Project Boy = FIRE
    Evidence - The Epilogue = FIRE!!!!!
    Game- Born In The Trap = FIRE
    Royce 5'9 - Second Place and Writers Block = FIRE
    Nas - Regeneration = FIRE!!!

    And about 50 other beats you can go listen to that will destroy most of all this other weak shit ya'll been fucking with the last few years. So stop the bullshit and respect the technique fools.

  • brooklyn

    @marty and I d8nt need to come up with some "pointless bullshit" about what I think the point of all of "this" is...all I need to do is talk about MY POINT...YOU jump in all the time like the world revovles around you lol my first few comments had nothing to do with what you said I was addressing other people who made comments bashing people who didn't like this beat

  • brooklyn

    @marty, stop tryna tell me what "this isn't about" dickhead....what IM talking about is clear...I addressed those hating on anybody who wasn't feeling this beat..I didn't say premo needed to change his you obviously weren't talking to me rite? But you DID adress me when you said this wasn't about old school vs new school and alot of ways it is obviously...your apart of that whole making it old school vs new school cuz everytime somebody doesn't like somthing old school you reference something new how you just told me to go listen to lil twist? Why should I listen to lil twist if I don't like a premo beat? Bcuz your questioning my taste in music just off the strength of me not liking one thing and assuming im a young nigga who listens to that kinda music you like to bash

  • marty mcfly

    @brooklyn, yeah whatever man, all that shit your saying is still a light point that doesn't matter cause its based on your assumptions and perceptions. You talking about "old school fans" who are close minded cause the bash new shit, ok well go talk to them about that then. Not me, am just a fan of good music period. So your generalizing to make a larger argument that has no ending because the "old school fans" could be a million different people. Yeah I said go listen to Future on purpose just to do it. THen your saying shit like "somebody says..." or they assume this or that about this person or that type of person.... Well I dont know who your talking about cause its only a few people here talking. Again you can create side arguments or generalize shit if you want but why? Those are light points that will mean nothing in the end because there just based on boarder generalizations and opinions. MY MAIN POINT IS PREMO IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE HIS PRODUCTION PERIOD AND HE SHOULDN'T. ITS THAT SIMPLE so all that other shit you can debate with somebody else.

  • marty mcfly

    broader generalizations

  • brooklyn

    @marty, check my first comment dickhead, IWASNT TALKING TO YOU...its YOU that jumps in everytime I write a comment as if im talking to you when my point was clear and at no point did I say premo needs to change his what you need to do is stop thinking everybody is talking about the same thing and pay attention dunce..this happens everytime..I write a comment you reply and talk about a bunch of shit I NEVER SAID and then end it by saying im making pointless arguemnts..its not that there pointless...its that they weren't aimed at you in the first place genious lol

  • brooklyn

    @marty, if you go back to my first comment "that other shit" I WAS debating with someone else dick lol continue to say im making a pointless arguement wen I wasn't talking to you ..but than you continue to reply to me who's addressing SOMEONE ElSE...very smart of you

  • brooklyn

    Why would somebody reply to somebody that isn't arguing there point, make a big arguemnt about it...and then say that persons arguement is pointless? Lol this is what marty does everyday...he's gotta be a trol

  • marty mcfly

    I know you wasn't aiming at me but I aimed at YOU cause your a bitch and I wanted to aim at you so I did and yeah your a pointless fag that gets shot at just for talking in the first place so GTFOH. Joey Bada$$ - Unorthodox = FIRE!!!!!!!

  • brooklyn

    @marty, you replied to my comment first correct? Where in that comment did I say premo needed to change his production style? No where ...that means your having an arguement with yourself and telling me im the one doing it...which is hilarious...because I definitely was addressing someone with a valid point...but it WASN'T you stop making everything about you

  • brooklyn

    @marty, so lemme get this straight you started an arguement that had nothing to do with what I was saying, claimed I was the one who did it then ends his arguemnt by saying you shot at me because im a pointless fag? Your sir are a loser lol

  • Pauly D

    "Your talking about Premier position in the game compared to other producers? Like why dont you go find out what it is and then talk. You think because you sau he aint made a dope beat since 07 that its just fact? GTFOH, you aint even heard most his shit in the last few years so what are you talking about AND you dont even understand the kind of music he makes so you think that maybe it should change. NO fool you dont understand a trademark signature sound. Go figure out what that means and then try to understand why the same person your knocking as had an incredible career that those other producers you name looked up to and that most producers will never match or pass. He is at the forefront of hip hop fool cause he IS HIP HOP. Those other producers you named were raised off his sound and influence cause Premo is the blueprint of hip hop production fool. Yes there are others but check the credits then talk."

    Of course. I won't say that he isn't a legend. Hell, so are Eminem and Jay-Z. But does that mean that he's making dope music now? Hell no. Having a signature sound does NOT mean making the same beat over and over again with a little adjustments here and there. Having a signature sound does NOT mean that the same scratches in the same positions in the songs are always there. If anything, your rant further proves that, while Preem is a legend, he is extremely one dimensional as a producer. And Premier is at the forefront of Hip Hop? Really?

    Okay, then ask about 20 people on the street who is DJ Premier and when he dropped his last album. No responses.

  • Pauly D

    Fat Joe – That White = FIRE
    Ludacris – MVP = FIRE
    Torae and Skyzoo – Click and Get It Done = FIRE
    Bun B – Let Em Know = FIRE
    Joell Ortiz – Project Boy = FIRE
    Evidence – The Epilogue = FIRE!!!!!
    Game- Born In The Trap = FIRE
    Royce 5’9 – Second Place and Writers Block = FIRE
    Nas – Regeneration = FIRE!!!


    A lot of these I actually have listened to them and, while they aren't really BAD, they obviously aren't up to par with his more classic work. The fact of the matter is Premo is just not good nowadays. A good beat here and there but that's really about it.

  • mez

    How many years has marty been trolling now?

  • gregory kruxx.

    Im gona reiterate to all you dudes going back and forth again.
    First, whoever said Primo isnt supposed to change his style is both right and wrong. I love boom bap. I grew up on it. But when I mean evolving your production I mean evolving as far as the way you construct your tracks. Change the sound a lil. you can rock on some boom bap drums but switch up the formula a lil bit.
    Primo evolved more from Gang Starr's debut back in 89- till about that Ownerz album.
    And Im not referring to a Gang Starr catalog only, I mean everything. Ive been a fan my whole life. Still am. But over the course of the last 5 -10 years. Everything sounds the same. The chop sounds the same, and to be honest the drums dont even hit as hard anymore if you talking that shit. Id rather blame that on Pro Tools vs Primo though cause any audio guy knows what Im talking about. Tape does the track more justice.
    However, Im also not a jump on the bandwagon dude either. I cant stand how most cats beats all sound the same these days. Whoever mentioned Lex Luger was right. Lets take the new Julez Santana joint. That shit sounds like MMG, not Juelz. And not cause Ross and them is on it either it just sounds like they cant be original anymore. Dudes cant do them anymore.
    However, thats one reason I still check for anything Premier. He is in my top 5 all time. But, his production has not evolved. I understand he has a lane but for me its about pushing the envelope. Im not saying I dont like anything he did either. Shit when he did Born in the Trap for the Game I was like Damn. That shit hit me...But overall I just wish he'd progress more again. Back in the day he pushed more towards evolving his sound. If your a fan of his work then you will understand. Hard to Earn does not sound like Moment of Truth. Ras Kas Golden Child dont sound like the 10 crack commandments etc etc etc... You dont think theres a reason he says he submits beats to certain dudes these days but they dont make the album. Sure there is some lable politics involved but at the same time its like you can be trapped in an era thats all good. I was a teen in the 90s. To me nothing will ever replace that shit but at the same time there is this thing called evolution. Growth. Advancement. And I know people will get offended but.. I dont hear it. Overall at least.
    Seriously now everything sounds very close to the same exact formula. The Guys a Legend. But as a fan I gota be able to express my feelings on this. Some of yall just start hating on people opinions for no reason. Damn work out those anger issues. Hit the gym, go hit some skins, take a deep breath. Its only an opinion on music.
    Oh and I am a Hip Hop purist, but to give you a comparison. Goes listen to Outkasts first record then listen to the latest Big Boi record and tell me theres no evolution. Go listen to NWA's first record and anything production wise now Dre has done and tell me there is no evolution. (I can through Dre in there too though. He seems stuck on certain things too)
    All Im saying is the evolution the growth has stopped. I can point at other artists I love and say the same thing. Jadakiss aint evolved his flow in like 7 years since kiss of death. But who am I to say. But just breath people it's just an opinion. There are no facts just peoples perspectives. Peace yall.

  • marty mcfly

    You fools still talking about Premier need to change his style but imo he does. When I hear his beats I hear differences in them. Just because you hear the same beat over and over doesn't mean everybody else does. The beat he did for Edo G - Fastlane does not sound like Joell Ortiz - Sing Like Bilal, The beat he did for Ev - You does not sound like Unorthodox from Bada$$. So when you keep coming with this shit like all his beats sound the same, thats based on just your ears and your opinion. 2nd you compare Premier beats to other Premier beats and by saying his beats now dont sound like his classics. Well Premo aint trying to battle himself and who the hell are you to say h should change his style or that his shit aint dope these days. Premier is considered one of the legends of hip hop and now you wanna say what he should or shouldn't do when he makes a beat? You fools thats doing the most down talking were raised on the influence of production style that Premo created in the first place so STFU cause you sound crazy.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Yo marty mcfly you got sum real anger issues man. And duh. of course they sound different but you clealry missed my entire point and a few other dudes who mad their point too. Aint nobody said anything about battling themselves. Again its perspective. And remember the fans are what n who kept him here in the first place. To counter your ques who are you to say he is dope.??? Theres also a reason he had classics cause of what he was doing. And if the people raised on him are questioning him well then maybe you need to take that into consideration.
    But, Your obviously pretty ignorant and cant have a debate without getting ultra sensitive like a female. Its actually quite funny. Like that other dude said. Your a troll, you fukin herb ass niggah.

  • iLL

    he did it

  • marty mcfly

    Who said im mad in the first place? Again stop with the assumptions. Again you fools are talking about Premier and at the same time implying how big of a fan you are. If your a fan then apparently he's doing something right. 1st you say his beats sound the same, now your saying they sound different, then you recognize he has classics, then you imply you know what his history is. Well if you got all these pros then the cons your bringing up dont really matter. Your complaining about somebody who clearly your a huge fan of and he dont need to take your advice because he's been doing great for himself. Plus the shit you said about how other artists turn down his beats sometimes dont make a difference either cause all producers make tracks that other artists turn down sometimes. The difference is the bullshit that rappers like Meek Mill rap over all the time is really the redundant type shit. The shit Premo makes takes real skill, you cant just hide behind the beat and the hard bass. Appreciate that real shit punks.

    • Jazz

      all I'm sayin is I know preemo can do better than this crap point blank. I'm a huge preemo fan but this just isn't going to cut it. born in the trap was beautiful he should do something similar to that for Joey. But hey to each its own. you think someone saying "one" little beat ain't great we all just Trinidad James fan jeeez. And niggas don't even have hip hop albums like I do on my iPod. You stay with your 1993 Nissan stanza ima get this 2014 Altima like Nas said "always forward I'm moving..."

  • Pauly D

    Marty continues to prove why he is WOAT

  • ThreeChainz

    I think the song is pretty good

  • gregory kruxx.

    Yep I agree Pauly D... Martys the WOAT.. dudes still angry too haa..too funny

  • gregory kruxx.

    oh for the record marty that beat took about 10 mins to make once you start chopping the sample, if you know an mpc then you will know Im what im talking about.....the drums a four bar loop... skill no sounds like a throw away to me... Add the cuts thats another 5-10 mins at most...Primo got skills...But this beat is gar-bage...I agree about your comment on Meek though n the beats hes on but your just assuming I like all that shit. Dont assume caus u make an ass outa u n me..., but Primos shit is redundant too at this point. N if you still dont understand what I mean by sounding the same but of course its different then well, thats your can still be a fan and admit the obvious at times. Im so sorry your feelings are so hurt and you dnt understand that theres more than one side of a story u bunk ass niggah...Smh...Your a true dickrider fa real...Your so Hip Hop and us fans who disagree with u are so not...Hahahahahahah
    Fucking joke.

  • Jazz

    Trapped in the 90s niggas like zombies or something. Can't live or die. Smh

  • marty mcfly

    @Kruxx, At no point did I say you like Meek Mill so I dont know what your talking about. 2nd So what if the beat took ten minutes. The shit was one of the dopest beats Joey Bada$$ has been on thus far and the beat was fire. 3rd REALITY is that Premo formula made him a hip hip legend that has been highly respected for about 2o yrs. You mite make beats yourself but NOBODY gives a fuck and your probably using some of Premiers influence yourself. Premier will go down as top 3 greatest producers of all time and you wont have made nothing dope.

  • Jazz

    Naw bruh I can name ten beats Joey went on better than this. You didn't hear 1999 or Rejex apparently

  • Jazz

    It's like if you came out in the 90s you're perfect. Smh ya ain't immortal

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jazz, its really not complicated at all. I simply listened to the songs and thought it sounded dope. Thats it. I dont care about old or new or young or old or 90s or now. I only think dope or not dope and the shit was dope. Its not complicated. This is that head nod shit and it mite not go over well with every summer jam crowd but at a place like Rock The Bells, this song and beat is a fucking monster. If you dont like the beat thats fine cause im not talking about what YOU like. Im talking about what I like.

    • Jazz

      That's cool I understand. I just don't see it being a classic like something ima remember in 10 years. I feel joey is going to do better than this in 2013.
      All we sayin is when we comment sayin "hey didn't like it" ya just assume "hmmmm he likes horrible rappers, instead of sayin "hey it's criticism cool moving along" but hey

  • marty mcfly

    simply listened to the sonG and...

  • marty mcfly

    I hardly think any song i've heard today or in the last month will be classic. You cant expect shit to be classic like it just happens whenever you see the name Dj Premier. Premier puts out alot of beats a year, ALOT its just not everybody has heard those albums cause Premier aint tripping off have a big radio song anymore. He did that already, he works with who he likes now. He has gold and platinum plaques on the wall already and has proven his quality and consistency already. If Joey makes a better song then this in the future that would make no difference to Premier or anybody else either because that wont effect THIS song. When Joey fans hear this song the majority of them will be happy with it so the mission has been accomplished already. Further more judging by Premiers track record its a very very very good chance this song could be classic depending on time passed and the rest of Joey's career. Because with MOST of Premier's beats, after time passed THEN people said it was classic. They didnt say it was classic one day after it came out. Premier made alot of beats that people said what your saying right now, then time passed and people said it was classic.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Hey marty. How do you know what I do and who I really funny. Ya ever wonder sum of the real people on this forum are? Your a fucking tool. Oh and for the record I said Preems in my top 5. And he has a formula yes, but it evolved for majority of his career up until about 9-10 years ago...You sure your not going to Primos crib and stalking him...Lol...You sure got nothing better to do but get at people with a different opinion. Best in 2013 to you though cause you obviously need it.