Saturday Night Sexy: Vida Guerra

blame it on Illy January 12, 2013

Twitter: @VidaGuerra

Vida Guerra back? The now 38-year-old Cuban glamour model, who many of y’all have likely fapped over back in early 2003, is still in prime form a decade later. See what we mean in this week’s Saturday Night Sexy after the jump.

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  • Reveren C Squeez

    Nice, Vida can still get it. She’s on my bucket list in the “Will Bang” section. But Why they chose to take the shots on a rusted up, dirty as truck is beyond me. Subliminal message or something? what at the trying to say? That Vida is old and beat up, and is dirty or some shit………… Hahaha jk jk just speaking out my ass.

  • skram

    thats that og ass still will knock that down

  • kiko

    Almost forgot about this one. God damn tho woman still tight! in fact she might be looking a bit better then from what i remember. I’m on my older woman type shit though.

  • mike

    Vida is sexi

  • Ryan

    You need to hook us up with the [email protected] aswell my dude. i have no time for her twitter updates about how her day has been lol

  • Fag Ocean

    NO! NO! NO! Were is the men at shake?

  • koke

    Lol at Shake acting like he doesn’t fap

  • Fan

    Where r the black girls!!!!!! Damn can we get some fucking color once in a while!

  • hend

    Unleash Mandingo.

  • 2dope4nope

    For the score!

  • Juicy-G


  • b.ali

    Latinas > black chicks

    Get mad

  • Frost

    ^^^ real shit

  • Drew

    My God!

  • wiji

    Is this site like the end all be all for you virgins. dont come here expecting to be catered to or to try and dictate subjective preferences of women as facts. you sound like an idiot saying one entire group is better than the other. theres a whole world outside of this website you fucking losers can explore…. get it how you want it. Shake is a white boy you really expect his taste in women to coincide with the average hip hop fan’s? lol

  • kiko

    I’m latino and I say < black chicks over latinas/

  • okthen


    it wasent that she ever lost it, its just too much fake shit killed it after how naturally bad she already was back in the day.. still a dime no doubt

  • jd

    She’s still hot but so. fucking. ‘shopped. Pucker Tool anyone?


    Black Chicks = Latina Chicks > White Broads. Pic 8 is real

  • Vida is better at 38 than most bitches at 18 ad 21. The pose in pic 7 makes me want to just stick my tongue in here ass…lol.

  • These pics don’t do her any justice, lol

  • trvpmvssivh

    that ass still lookin nice

  • Mario

    I wouldnt have thought she was 38… I know she been doing this a while, so top she would be 30. Still fine tho..

  • Latinas, white chicks, middle eastern chicks > Black girls > Asian girls

  • LupeX

    She was 2Dope when she was thicker, damn she lost it in more ways than one. Still a dope chick, but she pales in comparison to her former self.

  • skiler415

    She is on some body building shit. Her fake boobs look alot smaller and her butt just looks normal.

    Like game said….wouldnt get far…..


    Best SNS POST YET!!!!!!

  • sb

    pic 7 is too sexy…BADD