The Art of War Theater: 5 Deadly Venoms

blame it on JES7 January 12, 2013

The third installment of 2dopeboyz’s The Art of War Theater features yet another Kung Fu classic: 1978’s 5 Deadly Venoms. Produced by none other than the legendary Shaw Brothers. The beginning of the film introduces the “five deadly pupils”: the fast moving Centipede, the speed and agility of the Snake, the deadly grasp of the Scorpion, the agile Lizard and mentally strong and intelligent Toad. This same film also heavily influenced The Abbot, which can be heard in various Wu related projects, including Masta Killa‘s No Said Date, as well as being the influence behind the short-lived, all female, Wu-affiliated group Deadly Venoms as well as the classic mixtape, 5 Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn (featuring Tony Touch, DJ Premier, PF Cuttin’, Mister Cee & Evil Dee) which I’ve uploaded for your listening pleasure. Peace to Tony Toca for sending me a personal dubbed copy with original insert / artwork. Enjoy!

Tracklisting can be found here.

DOWNLOAD: 5 Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn: Side A | Side B
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  • agonyc

    Without a doubt my favorite OG kung fu classic

  • skram

    side b is down

  • The Toad


  • marty

    no side b…saying michael jackson permission denied

  • Stank Sinatra

    Fav Ol Skool Kung Fu flick, props

  • this was the shit

  • Hey Justice Equality Supreme, Guess you do not have real blogging skills. Only a Newb would not be able to poast a full tape. Newb! Newb! NucK, nUcK, nUcK nUcK.

  • Teacher

    Centipede and Toad style brah.

  • Juicy-G

    I’m pretty sure RZA has seen this over a thousand times.

  • Dan V

    The Master Killer should be the next flick in the series.

  • WIsEone

    yeh part b would be lovely if you could figure a way to hook it up…we all want it bad i know it! part 1 is dope…2 DOPE!

  • Marty

    side b was the best side…please hook it up and repost it..

  • H

    when that b side coming up again. stillll down.

  • Mami B

    side b says “permission denied” :(

  • yO dOLT HEAD Justice, Ya aint got no bloggin skills. Son you look mad phoney right now Can N E 1 Say ExXx-posed