• Thomas

    There's a version of "Tony Sigel" with Styles P on it. It was on the early leaked copies of that album.

  • http://allinmyheadmusic.com dflanz

    good shit, couple dope ones you missed

    Blue Armor - Ghostface feat. Sheek Louch (from More Fish)
    Youngstown Heist - Meth, Ghost & Rae feat. Trife, Sheek Louch & Bully (from Wu Massacre)

  • GiZA

    Why not put on the Toney Sigel that actually featured Styles P?

    As Thomas said, it was the early leaked version... and then it was actually released on the GhostDeini the Great compilation.


    13. Hi-Tek – Where It Started (NY) f. Jadakiss, Papoose, Talib Kweli & Raekwon would always be a classio to me!

  • GiZA

    Another one to put on

    Street Bullies - Ghostface f. Shawn Wiggs, Sheek Louch & Sun God (from Apollo Kids)

  • Mature Gambino

    Just thought of some more

    Styles P - Time Will Tell f. Raekwon (off the Green Ghost Project)
    Sheek Louch - Movie Niggas f. Ghostface (off After Taxes)
    U-God - Magnum Force f. Sheek Louch & Jim Jones (off Dopium)

  • Mature Gambino

    Raekwon - Gutterman Music f. Jadakiss (off Blood on Chef's Apron mixtape)
    Raekwon - Planet of the Apes f. Capone, Polite, Sheek Louch (off the Lex Diamond Story)

  • Mature Gambino

    You could also put in the Wu-Block songs that didn't make the album.

    "Union Square" and "Wu-Block" (produced by RZA)

  • Mature Gambino

    Raekwon - Gangsta Cazals f. Styles P, JD Era, Camoflague (off Unexpected Victory mixtape)
    Noreaga - Google That f. Raekwon, Styles P (off Crack on Steroids mixtape - we can pretend this one doesn't exist)

  • Mature Gambino

    One more..
    Raekwon - Outsiderz f. Sheek Louch, Styles P, Papoose, Lil Cease (off Troublemakers mixtape)

  • Cage

    Between Mature Gambino and Justice Equality Supreme ya'll put together a nice playlist... Props. Bring it back to the TOP after you re-up so I can download that shit

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite/bombs-over-b-o-b DJ Lanky White

    Would've made sense to put the 8 songs that leaked before the album that didn't end up on the final copy...Batman, Trading Places, Wu-Block, Barry, etc.

  • 36 Chambers

    Damn, nobody mentioned "2 Tears in a Bucket" from the Ruff Ryders soundtrack??!!! Red, Meth, & Sheek!!! That track bangs

  • 36 Chambers

    ^^^*Ruff Ryders compilation