Adian Lau – Look Real High (Video)

blame it on Shake January 13, 2013

Directed by Nicolas Heller.

I know I know, another weed rapper… but before you get your judgements in a bunch (like I originally did), this Brooklynite can actually spit. After enjoying the light-hearted visuals of “Look Real High” I went through his YouTube page and checked some of his previous work. Upon hearing the Harry Fraud-produced “Blue Dreams” I decided to shed some light here at the DopeHouse. Thoughts?

  • SpikeyJamez

    Weed-rap is the new autotune, just played-out and boring.

  • harris89

    not feeling it…….

  • bangbang

    Hes decent… His song “Free” with TrapCiudad is great, I can’t wait to hear more from both rappers

  • MFZoned

    Ive been on him for a minute. He doesnt have much out but hes pretty dope.

  • chinchiller

    cat is super slept on. he is dope as hell

  • chinchiller

    Also, u mispelled Adrian.

  • Kanye East

    …no. Cool Calm Pete >>>

  • x7xDoomX7x

    Yeah the druggie mentalitys what seems to be selling right now unfortunately so thbbbbt. Hes got talent tho!

  • brix quad

    He’s pretty nice.

  • MacDoober

    weed raps arent going anywhere…deal with it bitches. “..cuz i be twistin L’ an allen wrench” -adrian lau

  • KevinJohnson

    heard a good amount of dudes material, everything is fire, slept on talent for real.

  • Sleep

    Rich kid from 7th ave, I pass.

  • michal

    Adrian Lau is going placea

  • Jaysid

    This kid is real. Who cares where/what he comes from. He can rap and he’s got an ill flow.

  • gadzooks

    knew he was dope since tht blue dreams track, and who isn’t a weed rapper nowadaize??

  • JaqwonFromThaBlocc

    wen is tha mixtapes or album droppin???????

  • mikeyboy

    I didn’t feel Look so High as much as “Free” “Sunday “Blue Dreams” or “No Worries” but its still better then what most mainstream famous rappers are putting out right now.

    His other songs namely “Blue Dreams” should be famous its dope as fuck.

    I’m NBA in this chyea, that means I ain’t fuckin’ playin’ till you pay me this year

  • gerard

    been following him for a while on facebook, im totally diggin this track and a few more from him… such a cool cat


    This kid is more than just a weed rapper … so much more talent than you think….

  • Ipoop

    Adrian Lau is gonna be the rapper where people are gonna fiend for his stuff. Check out LaLa remix on youtube, FIRE TRACK/VIDEO!

  • adian lau is wack

    he doesn’t look high, he looks clean im sure his parents will desposit money into his account whenever he needs it

  • Vito

    Too nice. I fucks with it. He needs more shit

  • brian

    This kids got barsss.. point blank. diggin the flow

  • Em De

    This kid is okay flow-wise but the content and originality is lacking. The fact that he is from Park slope doesn’t help his cause much (best know for raising spoiled brats). The kid needs a story or he’ll keep sounding like everyone else.