Cocaine 80s – The Flower Of Life (FreEP)

blame it on Meka January 13, 2013

Perfect for your Sunday soundtrack, the Cocaine 80s collective drops another freelease for the masses. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Kuro To Shiro
2. The Distant River
3. Ground
4. The Sun And The Moon
5. Fly Ass Pisces f. Jhene Aiko & Common
6. Higher Self
7. Lucid

DOWNLOAD: Cocaine 80s – The FLower Of Life (FreEP)

  • lilkandy


  • Bottom line Meka,

    Whats the deal with these new poasers on this site? They suck and obviously have no blogging skills. Its all about paying dues. And these sookers just are stoopid.

    Lets take Justice Equality Supreme…He is putting up a poast on 5 deadly venoms, in which anyone who is a real hip hop head has seen 1,000 times. Yet he is re-hasing it like it is new discovery. Meanline Duke only poasts side A. He puts up a fake link for side B. It may be fake or broke or whatever. What I am trying to get out is son has no drive. Instead of trying to fix his poast he just leaves it be. Now Meka is this someone you want handling your precious blog? The blog that you worked so hard on? So this twit just does a half arse job? It shows where his priorities are. All I am saying, when hiring people for your company, be sure you pick the right people for the job, Shame you need to be bothered with this. but then again, dont take my word for it, just look at the poast yourself. One Love to Meka and Shake, Gods of this here blog isht.

  • Been waiting for this …just what I needed!

  • Cocaine 80s’ music is raw dopeness to the max. I agree with the above commenter-this is what i needed

  • cLaRk

    These guys are making some great music and giving it to us for free can’t wait for a official album

  • willmofo

    If all their stuff is FREE & is this DOPE, it’s got me wondering what the official album will sound like?!?! I’m sure their holding on to all the for sure shot bangers for the album, CAN’T WAIT! In the meantime, this will definitely do!!!

  • BLaCkBruceWaYnE

    Jesus Christ!!! it’s almost unfair giving music like this for FREE!!!! Dope production, songwriting, lyrical presence, vocal arrangement and consistency…

    Please just give us an Official Album please! Please!

  • schuyler

    Here, here – @ Robbie.

    Completely left out Express OG, Ghostlady & The Pursuit parts of “volume two”. Weak.

  • I know what I’ll be listening to at work tomorrow.
    This shit is great.

  • Anon

    @schuyler thats volume one…

  • Jonesy Stark

    Always down for some new Cocaine 80s, folk.