Future – Fo Real f. Drake (prod. Mike WiLL Made It) [NoTags]

blame it on Shake January 13, 2013

The tagless version of Future and Drake’s latest Mike WiLL-produced track. FBG: The Movie, coming soon..

  • future sucks balls

    future is the rebecca black of hip hop.

  • gtfo future

    why have your name be something you don’t have? as in future has no future in this business. the fucking irony.

  • WTF is this.

    This is complete garbo. I thought we were past the autotune era in hip-hop? it doesnt even sound like music.

  • Future just sounds lazy. It’s a chill song though.

  • 2 poonz

    Gotdam smh at all this hate ^ fuck haterz

  • fuck 2 poonz

    ^ stfu you hypocrite. what’s up with all you dumb asses saying you hate “haterz” when in fact you making that statement makes you a hater yourself? so fuck you and the vagina hole you were spewed out of.

  • da truth

    @2 poopz, I mean, 2 poonz..

    You are the worst type of poster there is. You think you’re so damn high and mighty, that you’re able to “police” others around here. Internet dweebs these days. sigh.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Beats dope the rest of it is garbage

  • reww

    despising haters does not make you a hater. what kind of 8th graders visit this site.

  • 1

    Hip Hop trivia:

    “if i don’t like it, i don’t like it, that don’t mean that i’m hatin”

  • Dam

    Wow first weak drake verse in…forever? No need to speak on future don’t think anyone actually clicked on this link to listen to him. Disappointed with drake though his consistency on being the only bright spot on songs littered with trash “artists” is legendary.

  • 1


    Although it isnt Hard to shine on a Track with a bunch of wack “rappers”.

    Seems like drake is tryna be down with the “wack Rapper with street cred” group (gucci, Future, French)

    Always thought his best Work is when he’s alone..

  • nc0310

    Who listens to this garbage?

  • jfye

    Lame ass future stealing peaple ideas

  • gregory kruxx.

    Just listened to this again. Seriously I cant believe Im gona say this but I actually now like this track. Catchy and the Beats Dope. But the Mixtape he just dropped is complete crap. Except the Big Rube Track…Future has No Future lol. to think Rico Wade of Dungeon Family first put this dude on. He must have been nice then discovered Molly