Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie f. Jay-Z (prod. Timbaland)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 13, 2013

Justin Timberlake returns to the scene with a brand new track (available on iTunes) featuring Jay-Z. Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

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    This is giving me everything and more. If you can get past the intro you’re given some blissful mix of 04 Neptunes, the sort of production style that Grimes has with the borderline techno punches, a bit of the Diplo “Climax” feeling and some 2025 next level shit. This is awesome.

  • peteROC

    saved by the hov verse

  • BobbyWhite

    some dope shit

  • well…it’s certainly different. When I heard the intro I was like “OH GOD ANOTHER WACK ANTICIPATED TRACK” but it got better once the beat dropped. Hitting high notes; neighbors thought he joined the choir lol. Then they slowed it down for HOV. It was a decent verse; nothing spectacular. OVERALL it was just different and kind of catchy

  • DJ Daz-One

    Definite club banger for us grown folks, It just the longtime trust/chemistry between Justin, Timbo and Jay Who have all worked together in the past.

  • Quincy G.


  • V[B]B

    It’s aiiiiiite. I’m a JT x Timbo fan mind you. Production was cool, nice vibe–wish it was more seamless but I guess that stop-and-go pace was what he wanted… Just thought he’d hit harder out of the gate–sonically or emotionally. This is a cool filler for an album but as a lead single it’s lacking a bit more oomph….feels like it may grow on me tho after I get past my high expectations

  • Gabriel

    Thank you.

  • J DOE

    saved by the hov verse
    peteROC said this on January 13th, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    what type of TROll from the lord of the rings are you??
    really??? jay-z a rapper . jay-z saved a justin timberlake prod by timbaland ??

    damn you lil wayne. you brainwashed so many minds…..look at this people. and the other people like .. UH OH this is so robin thicke……….hey! look! i discover america! get the fuck out here carlos.

  • Positive Vibe

    very classy, i like the vibe of the song, definitely got some soul to it. Him and Robin Thicke are some bad boys I must say, they definitely put out more soulful music than most R&B singers we hear nowadays

  • Pauly D

    This is GREAT. Couldn’t really expect any thing better. Should be a true BANGER.

    Forreal though, this REPRESENTS good soul/pop music

  • #Truth

    This is a great way for Justin to make his way back into the music lane…! I’m glad he choose the smooth routine and not the typical super played-out euro techno urban pop sound ! I love the vibe very mature and a original setting for the industry that has become mesmerized by trends in this era (error) in music of today !

  • Timbo hasn’t lost his touch at all but I hope he still uses his ASR10! I feel 5:28 just might be too long for a single though..Yes? No?

  • MyFiddyCents

    ^ don’t worry I’m sure they will make a radio edit for you to listen to

  • kayo

    Smooooth. Dope.

  • Pauly D

    Apparently Timbo didn’t produce this though

  • sexyback

    thenn who? Danja¿?¿?¿
    danja > timbo haha

  • Doughboy

    I disagree I think JayZ ruins the song. They slowed up the beat for him and it lost its energy after that

  • Pauly D

    The “Y’s” apparently

  • JT x Timbaland can’t lose! banger @skipofweloose

  • Yatti

    Wow, this song was terrible. Shit was annoying and Im a fan of JT’s music.

  • SK

    damn this goes! i’ve listened to this shit like 6 times in a row

  • skiddle

    what exactly is the HOV verse?

  • Welcome back Justin Timberlake flawless comeback track.

  • Welcome back Justin Timberlake flawless comeback track.

  • Welcome back Justin Timberlake flawless comeback track.

  • Shawn

    Definitely for the grown. This song is tough. Wow.

  • Truth Siren

    This shit is trash y’all niggas trippin

  • eeww

    Hipsters will thumb up anything that was not made by young money mmg or mike will tbh. Its not about the music on this site. Meka already proved that last year with that fake title experiment.

    For honest objective critiques about the music DO NOT visit this site. Hipster faggot politics is all you’ll get here? Featuring lil wanye? auto thumbs down. Andre 300? Auto thumbs up The ratings are based on the names not the music.

  • Rockstone Trizz

    It was produced by Timbaland as an overall record, however Justin & Tim’s frequent coproducer J-Roc had their parts. So it was a Team effort on the beat & the shit WORKED. #SICKRECORD

  • Danjamouf

    Jay ruined this track, Andre 3000 would’ve been a better pick.
    Good to see it back on his bullshit

  • Si

    I still cannot believe that someone is using the word “Bueller” in 2013. How very retro.

  • 2dope4nope

    I think Justin with Mayer Hawthorne woulda been that! But this is good

  • AkiyahB

    Interesting track. The artwork needs help

  • Pauly D


    I agree, but what does that have to do with Justin exactly?

  • malcyvelli

    this was okay, not bad but definitely not great though, i agree with 3000 being a better choice for this than jay

  • frylock

    DUDE jayz verse sucks so fuking much. what happen to the jay-z that could flow over pratically any beat. jay kill yourself

  • Kanye East

    Justin? It’s great to hear TIMBO with some new shit.

  • Gillian

    I like it but how is it any different to anything else out there? Its not exactly genre changing or ground breaking is it? Way, way over hyped.

  • Dolo808

    I hear kendrick lamar at the beginning and then mayer hawthorne singing. am I wrong?

  • themONSTERacius

    everyone giving advices everywhere.blablabla cover.blalblba instrumental..blablabal… now all blog humans are the best fucking critics ever. lol my god. peter jackson we need a movie. 2dope trolls and the cavern.

  • Barry Da Villain

    It’s very Justin, the intro was having doubtful but it saved itself. Nice Hov verse and just another Timbo/JT track. I’m sure the LP will be better

  • Cool Jam, Justin Timberlake hits with that wb’s that groove vibe.

  • Jay Z

    Shoulda gone harder tho

  • trow

    tight shit

  • Jojoba

    This song was mad aight’ I mean i agree with whoever said Mayer Hawthorne… you wait 7 yrs for this dude to drop another jam and it sounds like on “ok” Mayer Hawthorne joint

  • Mike

    Nice beat JT is back

  • that intro needs to GO! pronto. & a remix wouldn’t hurt it any. otherwise it sounds like a re-take on Maxwell.

  • marty mcfly

    You people dont even know what Jayz is talking about so be quiet. Some of you will never understand for a number of reasons but Jay is still making a point even on this song about wearing a suit, smh. GOAT END OF STORY

  • PuffyInBiggieVideo

    I like dis

  • Camille

    @03:15, I absolutely LOVE the screwed baseline sample of Keith Sweat’s “How Deep Is Your Love”!!!! Nice one Timbo. I definitely see that the 25+ crowd is feeling this more than MOST of the teenage crowd. This ain’t no “Call Me Maybe” garbage, lol. One more thing, JT came out before Robin Thicke, and Jon B. came out before both of them mofos. They’re ALL dope – GOOD music is GOOD music

  • who cares

    Meh. Felt this was kind of average. It’s nice that he didn’t go that euro-pop/techno route though. Jay’s verse was weak which was expected, I agree Andre probably would’ve fit the overall vibe better. Beats smooth as fuck just wasn’t a big fan of the subject matter.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ You say every song is weak no matter what it is every time you comment. If Andre is so dope then he needs to put out at least 1 good solo HIP HOP album. Until then I look at him as a pop singer who sometimes does verses for other people just to vent.

  • DatNigga

    yo Marty McFly, how bout you enlighten us. Please, we beg you.
    Fucking twerp !

  • marty mcfly

    @DatNigga, Ok fine. I shouldn’t have to but I guess its too hard for you to figure it out but here goes. The first two lines deal with race and whats stereotypically expected from both races at different formal affairs. Jayz as always made rhymes that deal with this subject but he usually sneaks it in with songs about other subjects just like here. Jayz – All black at the white shows, white shoes at he black shoes”. Now you got “Style got GOUT from having the best of the best” Gout is the double meaning word there that implies more then one thing. Then “At the restaurant with my rent disturbing the guests” This is what makes people hate Jayz the most. Its not because of something he did to them, its simply because he has been so successful. Jay always talks about this matter but there is s reason why… Now you got “Try to hide her face with makeup sex”, clever punch right there. Then you got “You just got good GENES so a nigga tryna to CUFF you”, double entendre there. The next three lines have to do with rumors that Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s dad felt some kind of way for a long time about her being with someone like Jayz (the former drug dealer rap star). Here is where Jayz finally addresses the rumor which may or may not have been true. Jay handles this family issue with class in these bars by not disrespecting her father but by giving him a different perspective. Those rhymes deal with family. Now keep in mind the song is about wearing a suit and tie so he has to talk about that but he still gives this subject deeper meaning which is what he’s known for doing. Now if you dont like the verse then fine but saying its weak? Like Jayz is rapping like Trinidad James or Juicy J? I dont know about all that cause if its weak, its weak compared to what? There is no other versions out there with another MC. Weak like what? It could’ve been better? OK, well all feature verses could’ve been better, so ok. Weak like what? You have a better verse for this song? I doubt it. The verse wasn’t the greatest Jayz verse but he did his thing and he gave the song deeper meaning. He didnt ruin it fools. Just saying.

  • realtalk™

    ^LMAOOO someone just got ethered by marty mcfly.. you faggots shuld be ashamed of yourselves..

  • Real Spitta

    Niggas that hate on this song have no taste… point blank

  • Pops

    marty mcfly just put you clowns under his thumb. Hahahahaha!

  • Real Spitta

    Yo Marty lemmie help you out…

    I think people just criticize shit just to talk. It’s a fucking song ! If you like it jam it, if you don’t move on. Fuck your opinions. It should be a banger? Nigga you ain’t Justin Timberlake or Jay-Z so how you gonna tell these brothers how to make music? That’s why they are legends. They don’t make songs for people, they make songs for themselves. Not every song has to be about money and molly’s! Since you guys are so opinionated here’s my opinion. I think if you say this song sucks, your taste in music sucks and you probably lacking a sex life. How can you hate on a classy smooth song? And as far as Jay-Z’s verse goes… I’m a real hip hop head, I listen to lyrics, flow, etc and I think it’s a cool verse. Nigga been rapping for 15 plus years, got classic albums, so he prolly thought of a quick verse that “proteins” to the song. Dropped it, smoked a cigar with JT and fucked Beyonce to it. R&B is feel good music man, fuck the Weekend and his prostitute stories and fuck Drake with his stripper songs. Smh I aint mad or nothing, it just makes me laugh at how people will hate just to hate. But then again, like a wise man told me, they don’t hate the song, they just hate themselves

    Oh and Ryan Leslie is a fag too…. somebody should steal his lab top again


    @Marty Mcfly said it all. and to you hip hop geeks that say this is trash well. cool you have your opinion, but like jay said “men lie, woman lie, numbers dont”. 2 grown married men still making good music, and topping the charts. cant beat that

  • Mature Gambino

    This is a dope track, no question. Perfect for the album. But it doesn’t feel like it has the catchy radio that a lead single should have.

  • CoolCat

    Sounds more like a Robin Thicke song then Jt, w.e alright track

  • UK MAN

    I like the song, but hate the intro. It’s terrible and too long. And I didn’t like Jay’s verse either. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, but it’s bland.

    I thought Timbo would make a wack beat, as he mostly produces now, but I’m pleased he came with something nice.

  • AP

    Nikbag is trippin lol

  • vahan

    good track it started out great but in my opinion when the bpm drops for hovas verse it looses something special. i still dont know if anything could be as good as futruesex lovesounds. we shall wait and see. but then again that album had an amazing team of artsists production wise. rubin/ timberland/ danja/ will i am.

  • tr

    JT bringing that class back. Its def a mix of a Justified type beat with a future sex/love sound confidence and style

  • Nice track, but the let’s hope the video does this song justice.

  • jewiii

    i would lose the word shit, it takes away from whatever class JT carries.

  • Heard this track few days ago and now it’s on repeat…kudos to JT’s brilliant comeback!!