the WHOevers – How I Do (Video)

blame it on Shake January 13, 2013

Directed by KNOWPASSION and Sol Films.

New visuals off the Chicago duo’s RedTape.

  • What is Peyton Farquhar’s occupation?
    Peyton Farquhar was a planter.

    Why is he not a soldier, officer, or part of the army?
    Peyton was not a soldier due to him being an arrogant man.

    How much time actually elapses between the opening and closing lines of Part III? Possibly only ten minutes at maximum
    Describe the setting at the opening of the story.
    a forest that runs for hundreds of yards, a rail road passing through straight then turns away from site. Farther along there is stream with a bridge over it.

    Identify and describe the sound that disturbs the thoughts going through his mind.
    the man was trying to organize his last thoughts of his wife and children, but was distracted by the sounds of the stream. then aware of the new sound broke his thoughts of his family, this sharp, distinct, metallic percussion.
    In the flashback of the story’s second section, who visits Peyton Farquhar?
    a gray-clad soldier is then man who visits Peyton.
    What plan does Farquhar conceive as a result of this visit?

    peyton plans to swim all the way to the lodged side of the river.

    What does Farquhar imagine in the story’s last section? peyton at the end imagines himself reuniting with his family

    Ironically, what is his real fate? peytons real fate is not the same as what he imagined, the whole thing was just him dreaming that he would escape from a failed execution but that does not happend and so he is hanged.

    Do you think the writer tries to enlist your sympathies toward either the Union or Confederate side? Or, does the story seem more focused on a more general theme about the nature of war? Cite details from the story to support your answer.

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