Allen Hughes Speaks On 2Pac Fight, Quentin Tarantino & More (Video)

blame it on Meka January 14, 2013

This piece is over 35 minutes long, so if you have the time to listen to it you definitely should. After building up the story (and leaving us hanging) on Friday, director Allen Hughes finally tells his side of the story on the rift with 2Pac, more Menace II Society tales, his thoughts on Tarantino’s propensity of using the n-word in his films, and more.

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  • DM

    After 27min. of listening carefully to this… I (take this moment to) express my appreciation for Mr. Hughes (as a) tremendous talent. Also his ability to articulate these past important and sensitive issues clearly. They were only “20 years old…!” We are amazing…! Our potential is so great. ___So much to learn tho’. So many areas in which we need (must) develop. I am thankful for (Mr. Hughes) …his expression and example. I ‘learned’ more (of value) about 2Pac and needed that “side of the story.” Peace to Sway.. and May GOD strengthen and comfort The Shakur Family.

  • 2dope4nope

    Word I appreicate this worth my lunch break and gotdamn 20 years old damn speaking of too though just watched reservoir dogs like what Saturday gotta rewatch Dead Presidents and true don’t go to movies as much too tix just like kicks now a days! But this interview was dope.

  • che

    Allen sounds like Jim Jones at times haha.

  • leefx

    Wow what a great listen…. i’m usually one that will skip over longer interviews, even if it’s an artist I like…. BUT man, the way Mr. Hughes recounts the story about 2Pac just kept me listening.

    All of a sudden i’m 25minutes in and loving every minute of it. He has a great voice as well, a ‘radio’ voice for sure. He should do his own radio show or podcast of some kind on Movies+Hip-Hop and how they effect, change, etc. each other

  • John Starks

    Great interview. I love Pac but I believe every word of what John Hughes said