A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night f. Skrillex

blame it on Shake January 14, 2013

With Long.Live.A$AP finally hitting iTunes tonight at midnight, A$AP takes to Twitter to officially release one of the more abstract tracks from the album. And as an added bonus, check this quote Rocky let loose during his interview with RollingStone.

What’s your relationship like with Rihanna?
Rihanna is a pothead and so am I, so we’re real cool. Weed is going to bring us together as a generation. Drugs is what created Woodstock. Let’s be clear about that.

STREAM: A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night f. Skrillex


    Actually, it’s music. Music created Woodstock. A large part of the experience, too. Also, a community. Sure, they were under the influence of drugs, but it was music. This dude doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about

  • SforMusic

    Well the artists that came out of Woodstock made great music under the influence of drugs

  • Stan

    That song is beyond wack as fuck! The beat makes me angry. I hate ASAP. It’s not even music, Skrillex is a spazzed out Cory Feldman lookin ass kook!

  • kkllkkll

    i hate potheads

  • Wallabee Champ

    Asap’s biggest fan base is white teen males who think their thugs. I’m not surprised they love a guy who thinks weed will unite people.

  • Mr. Truth

    @Wallabee Champ i’m a thug nigga that likes asap rocky. i’ll hit you over the head with a baseball bat, then fuck your sister.

  • Mumsdaword

    I don’t know why all these mutual fuckas waste their time talking shit about artists questioning their artistic talent im a white boy and to be honest hip hop has played a large role in my life if You Can do better then show all us hip hop heads what’s really good other wise stfu You don’t like it don’t listen to it

  • gregory kruxx.

    Im a rocky fan but the drugs comment is retarded. This coming from a dude who first smoked weed at 12, and sold that shit half his life up until about 5 years ago. We need more than weed to bring us together. Cause woodstock was just a moment in time that left future generations lost. tracks dope though.

  • Shotgun Charlie

    I like ASAP Rocky’s music but the more I hear him on interviews the more it shows how fucking DUMB this guy really is. I got nothing against weed but sayin “drugs will bring us together” !? Come On son LOL

  • adolfmayne

    Dam Rocky made himself look like an ignorant piece of shit with that statement and im big fan of his music he knows woodstock ended in violence right lol

  • skiler415

    @ Everyone. WHo gives a fuck what this dumb as foo says. He’s a Stoner who knows Rhianna, who you blowing trees with. Half ths shit he says, is stoned ramblings of a juvenile. What do you expect fucco, listen to his music and his lyrics, he aint on some talib shit. He’s another entertainer with a dark edge and a deep bopper fan base. Let him do his thing. I am sure you say some dumb shit too, just no one is listening.

    —One thing—-

    Stop calling your style “Street Goth” Thats how we dress in the bay you faggots. We out here!

  • Wallabee Champ

    @Mr Truth No, you’re not a thug and you’re not going to hit anyone with a baseball bat. You’re insanely insecure, though.