Chris Faust: 54 To Barclays (Preview)

Check out the trailer for Chris Faust's new docu-series, which intimately follows Faust on his journey towards finishing his new album, touring, night life, mix tapes and personal life. We wanted to give you Faust fans a front row seat into the life of the artist.

All I wanna know is... where are the porno chicks, Print? Jokes, of course. Faust will drop the third anf final installment of his VILLAIN series in February.

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  • Jake

    New FAUST shit? Can we get some videos from the VILLAINS or FAUST? Dude has like one video smh. But the music is tight. I'm not hating im a big fan.


GoldLink - "Spectrum" (Video)

A dance-off takes a tragic turn in GoldLink's latest video from And After That, We Didn't Talk.

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