Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox (prod. DJ Premier) [CDQ]

blame it on Illy January 14, 2013

Here’s the studio version of Joey Bada$$’s latest cut, produced by DJ Premier.

  • They need to drop the dirty version without the tags…

  • Rozko

    I don’t think y’all realize how truly amazing the music this cat is making….especially considering the fact that he’s not even legal?

  • wuaffiliate

    The future is safe.

  • nerf

    cant download from ShitCLOUD, fuck it


    wtf is this clean $hit?!!!???

  • Juanka

    clean version these days…unorthodox my ass

  • Danny

    Maybe it’s the clean version because it’s being released through Mountain Dew (who doesn’t want the association) OR because he wants you to pay for the dirty version…omg marketing techniques holy shit none of you went to college!!!

  • dgong

    i swear half these people wouldnt jock this tough if dj premier’s name wasnt on this

  • thatswhathappens

    it’s not just his name, you can hear the track and know it’s a Primo beat. and yes, it does make a difference. the producer accounts for half, if not more than half, of the overall sound of a track.

  • dgong

    yeah but u can see compared to other singles that were just as dope u dont see as many so called joey fans. personally i think he has plenty better songs

  • AllDayGB

    that because Joey is still on the come up, can’t expect him to drop shit any people be aware that it’s dope right away. You just happened to come across Joey at the time those tracks came out. The kid is still gaining fans by the day and if it takes a name like DJ Premier to get people to listen, then so be it.

  • marty mcfly

    You got Joey and Premier on the same song and still some people find something to complain about? Joey must be on the come up cause the hate is already coming.


    Thank god for cats like Bada$$ resurrecting the essence of the golden era.

  • smith

    damn this is my favorite song in a while i was patiently waiting for the CDQ now im stuck having to still listen to the radio rip because tags and low quality is less annoying than a clean version. its 2013 and i havnt turned on hip-hop radio in years why the FUCK should i still have to hear censored versions of shit. id seriously pay at least 5 dollars right now for the CDQ dirty version of this single if somebody (mountain dew or otherwise) had the goddamn sense to release it. rant over

  • 2Deep

    They censor “nigga”…

    Society is so fucking stupid.

  • dgong

    @martymcfly those are just two names. it can still be a lack song. i dont think either of them performed to the potential their names carry

  • dgong

    @AllDayGB yeah i agree thats why i think this track was more for the publicity. i mean i was hyped when i saw the two collabed but im not gonna pretend like im still hyped after hearing how medeocre it was haha. but thats just my opinion

  • marty mcfly

    @dgong, yeah well you compare the two with them selves by saying Joey is lacking cause his potential his somewhere else. Its Joey himself that gave you that impression in the first place. Same with Premo when people say well this is lacking cause it doesn’t sound like something else created by the same nigga. I either hear that Premo aint making the same shit like he used to or Premo is making the same shit as he used to so it must not be that good. This in my thing with this song, is the beat dope? YES (at least in my opinion), Is the Rhymes dope? YES, so whats with all this comparing to the potential to the same source, which in reality is just an opinionated hypothetical?

  • david

    ^It’s a nice beat but Premo can do better. That’s all people are saying. And that if it was Bumpy Knuckles or Big Shug on the track people wouldn’t be making the same noise as they are now just coz an artist with loadsa hype’s on it. Everyone talking of Joey ‘taking it back to the essence’ need to wake up. There’s plenty of artist’s who come with that essence sound that don’t get the props they deserve.

  • marty mcfly

    The whole “it could be better” argument is one you could make about every hip hop song period. Now you said people that talk about Joey taking it back to the essence need to wake up, but aint that what he’s doing? You heard his mixtapes, what else are people supposed to say about the sound of his music? Of course people gonna say he’s taking it back to the essence because thats the most obvious thing about his music. As far as the other artists doing the same thing and not getting props for it, thats not Joey fault or anybody elses. If other people are doing the same thing then good but to be honest I hear NO artists in the game doing what Joey is doing. The only time I hear the golden era sound is when im listening to shit thats not really in the game at all and is strictly on an underground level.

  • Soulful Hip-Hop

    Dj Premier and Joey Badass? Awesome. Kid is the future for sure…plenty of potential.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Yo this niggah marty mcfaggot go at everybody on this forum. he real mad caus he gets no puss and lives online and gets type heated on cats who got a different opinion then hes gona rant about me now since i commented about him.
    But for the record. Joey Bada$$ is dope and luv everything hes put out so far. 1999, the Pro Era tape. But this shit is week. Not his bars, he’s spitting but the Beat is weak!!!!!!!
    I said it go ahead marty go in lol….here it comes Im a hater lol…..
    Sensitive ass females..

  • FanOfAFan

    Random.. I notice that 2DBZ posts a lot of upcoming emcees.. Why don’t I ever see any Symphony here tho? He’s got a mixtape coming up and his shit been sounding really good lately…… Wonder if meka & shake ate snubbin him or somethin?

  • Read a book

    People still using the word is what’s fucking stupid.

  • Turtle

    Sorry, I know this is Premo, but this beat is pretty boring. Just not super engaging or exciting. Call me a hater, no me importa.