• buckets

    although its all subjective... CROOKED I SHITS ON EVERYONE 99% OF THE TIME. just sayin...

  • iAmRafy

    Styles P...Cam...Nino then Crooked, And Im a crook fan, This track is just gutter bars...My kinda shit.

  • uknow

    1crook 2styles 3cambatta 4nino

  • mk

    not a huge fan of Nino one bit but he caught a body here. nino, styles, cam then crooked and crooked i is my is top 10 for me. nino's dantoni and marquez line leaned me. i miss songs like this.

  • cme

    CROOK - cleary

  • chewy

    crooked i is on another level nigga

  • kayoh

    damn... Crooked why did you kill everyone on the track?

  • https://twitter.com/TrinidadJamesGG Trinidad James

    Word, this dude Cambatta on this track too with the intro verse? He killed everyone else on this shit GOD DAMN I'M SWEATIN WOOOOOO... How this rookie took out all these veterans? Damn, peep his mixtape, he killing everybody. "Smoke & Mirrors: The Porch" on DatPiff

  • pensive

    I'm a huge crooked fan and he usually has the best verse on everything..but cambatta bodied this.

  • http://oxvodesign.com Nice

    Styles, Cam, Crooked ... Nino was going all off don't even know how to properly spit multiple syllables without going off beat and can't even notice it !


    Cambatta is the truth!! The most talented but yet humble MC I've ever come across!! Check out some more of Cambatta on YouTube! It will be well worth your time!!