Psymun – Rik Strrling (Instrumental EP)

blame it on Shake January 14, 2013

After beating out a couple hundred folks in the MHz Legacy contest we helped run a little while back, the MPLS producer comes through with something new. A 7-track instrumental project, full of sample-based tracks and comedic bathroom humor-driven soundbites. Take a listen after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Psymun – Rik Strrling (Instrumental EP)

  • bongwater

    this kids dope ive been followin him for a minute

    and its Psymun.. im sure 2dopeboyz just made a little typo

  • Yo shake, thanks tons for the post!

  • jfuentes

    Dope producer on the rise, I’m sure we’ll be seeing his name more often…

  • Dwz

    Psymun is the shit. Crack dojo!

  • cheechy

    damn this shit is tight as fuck! some real original style shit. i hope people dont sleep

  • E

    i been sayin it for the last 4 years, since he was still in high school, Psymun will be one of the greats

  • Furp

    Psymun rocks. Bam.

  • gertrude

    Psymun da beeees

  • djatone

    This tape is fire! His shit gets more amazing everyday, 2DB did a damn good thing puttin him on right here!

  • lil b from the pack


  • joobliwat

    PSYMUN is gunna be huge! Thank you for posting such talented music on your blog, big names or not – tons of talent from this kid.

  • big guns

    ayyyyeee i mean rik strrling is what’s up but WHAT YA’LL ABOUT THE MARSH POND EP MARSH POND 4EVERRRRRRRR

  • Joe

    wow this shit is dope!

  • graze

    Psymun has an amazing sound that I want to keep hearing 4ever ‘n 3ver

  • Tommy

    Different than anything else i’ve heard before! Shit this is good

  • Bohemian WolfF

    Psymun kills shit all day!! There’s so much more in store keep watching!

  • Reminds me of some Project Mooncircle, Arts The Beatdoctor, Pavel Dovgal style shit… Definitely loving this. Kudos to whoever worked on the art for this too, definitely a nice touch to a downtrodden boom bap head nod zone out beat admixture, who might spit on it? Lucky be the mister..

  • Yo!!!! Much love to the Psymun and the Dopehouse for repping Minneapolis/St. Paul. This project is hella dope. I was there when he made most of these beats and the kid is incredible. He’s a humble cat, and his love for music is real. He goes out of his way to support independent music and he’s a well rounded individual. I’m hella proud you my dude. Can’t wait till our project together comes out.

  • general

    yo i been up on dude for a minute now . . . his shit with co$$ and scienze and sene is dope . . . i see blu showing him love too . . .

  • Liquid Thoughts

    <3 this EP!! Psymun is one of the dopest producers I have heard & have had the chance to see their creativity in progress. Much love homie

  • wow this dude is a fuckin g and a half… straight up… raw mc graw

  • Jaso

    Psymun is amazing and I love the EP! errrrrryboddy needs to listen. and you should buy a sweatshirt too because they are really comfy.. :)

  • nancy

    I love this young man. I am so proud to be his mom. Love u Is!

  • angie burge

    Love it psy!!!!

  • j

    dope as fuck luv reppin dis man and his dope music. this is real.

  • rj

    psymun is the shit. started listening recently and i cant stop. keep it up man.

  • Livinlarge

    Psymun is DOPE SHIT!!!!!

  • harriet

    wow. super impressed~go psymun go!