Remember When Fat Joe Had An Issue With Jay-Z?

blame it on Meka January 14, 2013

Choke No Joke has unearthed vintage footage of Joey Crack, uh, divulging his thoughts on Jay’s team after Harlem’s Rucker Park Basketball Tournament during the 2003 Source Awards in Miami. You know, I half-expected someone to throw a chair The Boondocks-style at the stage.

Couple things:

* What kind of ratchet awards show was this, exactly?
* Who allowed that random guy (known as “Jamaican Puff Daddy”) to go all Teddy Bruckshot on the microphone?
* Look at all those jean shorts… and is that guy wearing a velour suit?


  • DQ

    It’s pretty lame how people jump on the band wagon of trends and popular think.. I’ll wear jean shorts if I damn well please..

  • iRafy

    They had beef WAY before 2003. It all started when Pun hit someone over the head with a bottle.

  • dante

    Pun never hit no over the head with a bottle.

  • ss

    pun hit jay-z over the head with a bottle.

  • Tiiz

    Pun hit J. Cole over the head with a bottle and Blue Ivy broke it up.

  • Chuck E

    ^^^^^^^ Mad telephone game being played up there……

    “What kind of ratchet awards show was this, exactly?”

    Keep in mind: 2003 was the year the Benzino/Em/Ja/50/Source/XXL/Busta/#PICKYOURFUCKINGSIDE shit went down & that’s what the Source Awards were looking like at that point. *Nobody* that was there wanted to be there.

  • Mike Diesel

    truth be told no one really fucked with Jay Z during that time (rappers i mean). Nobody liked him except the people on his team, and non new york rappers.

  • BLaCkBruceWaYnE

    This Fat Joe/Big Pun and Jay-Z before is beyond old!!! it’s like 1998 old…

  • Word to Chuck E, That was during the “Beef/WWF” period. In hindsight, it actually looks like the sinking ship it was at that point. I think I’m glad the Shady faction won, lords knows it ratchet enough today…

  • dcd

    anyone notice the dude next to N.E.R.D holding the F.E.D.S. magazine, hahahaha