• DQ

    It's pretty lame how people jump on the band wagon of trends and popular think.. I'll wear jean shorts if I damn well please..

  • iRafy

    They had beef WAY before 2003. It all started when Pun hit someone over the head with a bottle.

  • dante

    Pun never hit no over the head with a bottle.

  • ss

    pun hit jay-z over the head with a bottle.

  • Tiiz

    Pun hit J. Cole over the head with a bottle and Blue Ivy broke it up.

  • Chuck E

    ^^^^^^^ Mad telephone game being played up there......

    "What kind of ratchet awards show was this, exactly?"

    Keep in mind: 2003 was the year the Benzino/Em/Ja/50/Source/XXL/Busta/#PICKYOURFUCKINGSIDE shit went down & that's what the Source Awards were looking like at that point. *Nobody* that was there wanted to be there.

  • Mike Diesel

    truth be told no one really fucked with Jay Z during that time (rappers i mean). Nobody liked him except the people on his team, and non new york rappers.

  • BLaCkBruceWaYnE

    This Fat Joe/Big Pun and Jay-Z before is beyond old!!! it's like 1998 old...

  • http://yrap.bandcamp.com Y-Rap

    Word to Chuck E, That was during the "Beef/WWF" period. In hindsight, it actually looks like the sinking ship it was at that point. I think I'm glad the Shady faction won, lords knows it ratchet enough today...

  • dcd

    anyone notice the dude next to N.E.R.D holding the F.E.D.S. magazine, hahahaha