Thoughts On T.I.’s ‘Trouble Man’?

blame it on Shake January 14, 2013

If I were to offer a review of Tip’s new album Trouble Man it would be majorly positive. Pretty much enjoying the LP from beginning to end. But, this isn’t about my thoughts. It’s about yours! So just as we’ve done with Big Boi, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Joe Budden and Fabolous; the DopeHouse is asking y’all to jump in the c-section and offer up your thoughts on the eighth studio album from the ATLien. Favorite tracks? Anything you would’ve left off? You know the drill…

  • adi pre

    Good album, enjoyed it.

  • jb

    Cruisin favorite track. Kept several or more tracks off it. New material is always nice. Thanks for the music TIP

  • Chris

    T.I. can made dope songs with witty lyrics and what have you, but he’s becoming increasingly redundant. Now I’m not hating T.I. Vs. T.I.P. was my shit but everything after Paper Trail has just been about “Balling”, “How he never snitched”, “How the haters don’t faze him” and “How he’s the King Of The South”. With that being said I give Trouble Man 3.5/5.

  • MerKaBa5D

    Impressed w/ the album, Trouble Man was creative & conceptual. Not one bad record FAVORITES – 1. Hello 2. Who Want Some 3. Sorry 4. Wonderful Life. Looking forward to an even better follow up

  • Good Peoples

    Didn’t bother to even give it a listen! If you ask me Tip is washed up

    My opinion

  • Man anyone man in a troubled, rocky or even almost perfect relationship can get down with “Guns and Roses”!! That track is amazing, from the lyrics, the beat and Pink on the hook!! My Favorite cut next to “The way we ride”!! Two totally opposite types of tunes but 2dope nonetheless!! For me Album is 4/5!

  • Correction ^^

    I meant to say anyone not “anyone man”


  • @JoseRio29

    Lyrically speaking, Tip hasn’t lost a step at all. So the album rides. Tip can paint a picture so effortlessly vivid it’s hard not to respect. But if you were looking for Tip to push boundaries and step outside the box, then you might be disappointed in this album. Like he says; “My address and my ensemble that’s ’bout all I’m a change” And I don’t want him to change either. The industry is softening up day by day so there’s always room for quality street music from a credible source. T.I.is one of the few muh’fuckas i BELIEVE nowadays. Over all, album is 4/5 to me. The production left a little to be desired…

  • gregory kruxx.

    Overall, its a solid effort. The boy still spits when he wants to and knows how to reach all wakes of lifes and audiences. There is probably only 1 or 2 songs overall that I really dont care for but I do have to agree with Chris. his records have seemed to go downhill after Ti Vs Tip. Shit, I cant stand Paper Trail actually. But this is his best effort in years and I probably like it the most since King. Trap Muzik and Urban Legend are still my favs but I like Trouble Man alot.

  • Amygdala

    Artwork was dope; blaxploitation-esque type shit…

  • cam

    Honestly… I thought this shxt was garbage… He hasn’t had a Good album since King. Paper Trail was ok. But T.I. vs T.I.P was subpar, This was subpar &No Mercy was just BLASPHEMOUS!!!

  • who cares

    Thought it was lackluster. The songs weren’t consistent with each other or with themselves. Gave it a 7/10 when I reviewed it.
    Songs I hated: “Ball” & “Cruisin'”
    Standout songs: “Trap Back Jumpin'” “Sorry” & “Addresses”

  • 2

    didn’t waste my time

  • yung

    @Chris nigga barely even addresses those snitch allegations, and he’s really simmered down with that king talk too, you reaching. there really wasn’t a more appropriate time to address haters, though, seeing as niggas that was fuckin with him suddenly jumped ship

  • OneEyeIsTheKing

    T.I. is the King of Atlanta. However, this album did not impress me. That’s not to say there aren’t some bangers on here. But I feel that he did not try as hard with this album. Its really not any different than No Mercy was. I would have liked to see him push his capabilities a little more rather than stay with the same formula. But not everyone is willing to do that. I agree with some of the statements above and would give this 3 stars out of 5.

  • One of the best albums this year. crazy hard, good features and lyrics, TI always been that dude

  • Jlee

    Since I’m a T.I fan is was vintage T.I. It wasn’t a Trap Muzik but T.I. definitely had some meaningful songs on his album.If I had to pick a favorite track it has to be Sorry. Its just the way Andre 3000 told his story ( and kind of stole the song away from T.I.) that made the song. All and All for T.I.’s come back album I’ll give him a 8 out of 10

  • Tony

    Lyrics : 7/10. He’s a gifted mc with good story telling artistry. But not much diverse content. A full listen through, will sound repetitive at times and underwhelming. But it is a TI album, so..

    Beats : 7/10. Sonically sounds derived from vintage TI influence. Its a breath of fresh air from today’s seemingly cliché rap production, this selection fits the content perfect.

    Features : 8/10. As a full body of work, it can actually be argued that this album didnt need features. But the artists who did their part, did it well. Complimenting song concepts, and adding to the albums organic fundamentals.

    Conclusion : 7.5/10. I really like the album, it’s a very ‘T.I’ album. He’s shown growth in all aspects of rap artistry, without losing ability to touch base with his roots. I like this feel and sound, it feels like the real him. So next album, if it isn’t just selected cuts of what didn’t make this album, I want to suggest in hopes of better features. P!nk, A$AP, Meek, Wayne, and even 3 stacks are predictable features in today’s music in general. If he’s gonna go balls out and trap rap, feature the artist who he brought that with back then. And newer artists who bring fresh air to it.