Andre 3000: “These Are Not Outkast Collaborations”

blame it on Shake January 15, 2013

Back in July, Big Boi revealed that it was Andre 3000 that “blocked” him from being on Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” because he didn’t want an official Outkast reunion on someone else’s LP (which is understandable). Fast forward to last week and Big Boi went ahead and hit us with an unofficial remix. Talking to SPIN, 3 Stacks made it his point to state that neither the “Pink Matter (rmx)” as well as the upcoming “I’m Sorry (rmx)” are official Outkast collaborations.

It’s important for me to be clear about the origins of my contributions to ‘Pink Matter’ and ‘Sorry.’

I was approached as a solo artist by both Frank Ocean & Tip. I discussed musical direction with each artist and completed my verses. It was after that when Big Boi’s name came up.

I never want to mislead our audience – I worried that some would think these were Outkast collaborations. These songs are not Outkast collaborations. I discussed this rationale with Big, Frank and T.I. and everyone agreed. That is why I was surprised to read about these remixes.

I understand that anyone can put out an unofficial remix to any song but I have an obligation to be honest with fans about what this is… and what it isn’t.

This is pretty much common knowledge, but like I said on Instsagram… even if it’s unofficial, it still brought a smile to my face to hear these two on the same record again.

  • Why won’t they do a outlast calabo

  • Truth Siren

    I can’t take 3 Stacks seriously as a solo artists until he drops an album

  • aaaaaaaaaa

    Jesus fuck man will this dude quit with the bullshit already…on some real shit I wish he would just quit tryna deprive fans of anything outkast and just get back with big boi and do the fuckin album already. I respect 3k as an artist but goddamn man stop with the fuckery.

  • As stubborn as Andre 3000 is with his stance on his career, you gotta respect the man. He seems to be content with his life as is. He makes music when he feels like it, and doesn’t make music when his mind is elsewhere. I really would love to see him drop a solo album, even more than an Outkast reunion. But it’s become more and more apparent that he just doesn’t care to do that and is happy living out his life. Tough for us to swallow though haha.

    • Rodrigo


  • awye

    be cool if they’d stop being fags and just collab a bit again

  • What a DOUCHBAG.
    Hes acting as if Outkast was him being Busta Rhymes and Big Boi being Spliff Starr when it was an equal union that contributed as much as the other to make the group Outkast work so well.
    Infact Big Boi made it more hip hop than Andre 3K did… coz without Big Boi on your own you just another Ceelo Green with weird costumes and singing melodies.

  • Qwerty

    It kinda seems like Big Boi want to go back to Outkast but it’s Dre stopping it.

    And for real, I’m not even that hyped about Andre any more. SLLF is one of the best hip hop albums of the last 5 years or so and Vicious Lies is a really solid album. I’m seriously looking more forward for a third Big Boi album then Andre’s first solo.

    Yea, OutKast was only 50% Andre.

  • TWO DOPE BOYZ in a caddy

    andre is such a fucking diva

  • marty mcfly

    Except Cee Lo Green actually has dope solo rap albums as well as incredible alternative albums. Now I think everybody here respects 3k, I mean this site itself is named after an Outkast creation but until I see a solo rap album or atleast an EP from this dude. Im not gonna be acting like Andre is top MC at this time.

  • Chris

    It’s disappointing that 3 Stacks will get on an average song with someone else but won’t hop on an Outkast track!

  • Thirsty Rap Fans (I’m One Too)

    Hahaha, you guys are funny.

    I like how Andre 3000 is being called a “diva” because he literally STEPPED AWAY from spotlight and has avoided spotlight ever since. The exact opposite of being a diva. He barely gives any interviews and when he does he gives an honest answer. He goes on tracks only when people reach out to him. And everyone else’s hype and anticipation is what keeps him publicized because he himself for damn sure has done little to keep his name lit. Nor does he care. I don’t think he cares if he’s considered a great MC or not. I don’t even think he is really all that intrigued with hip-hop and is probably bored with it (which he’s stated before in lyrics). I think he’s satisfied with what he’s accomplished. He’s moved on, y’all haven’t. That’s your right because we’d all love to see what he’d bring next but he just doesnt care. He is doing what he wants. Andre 3000 may be the only rapper who’s truly retired. You’re saying he can’t retire? Fuck outta here. Maybe he’s a grown ass man and father and wants to do something else.

  • mcd

    As little as Andre 3000 talks about Outkast, he had to come out and confirm that none of this was “official”? That’s weak. He needs to make it official that he has no desire to make another Outkast song or album so that we can stop waiting on it

  • It’s a shame that Andre’s more interested in collaborating with Gillette than Big Boi.

  • Cool, collectively and individually both have given me plenty of classic and life changing music to last a lifetime. I can always look forward to new Daddy Fat Saxxx material, which I’m honestly more excited for than an 3 Stacks solo. OutKast had it’s time and if the group comes again I’ll be there to listen, but I’m not worried about whether they do/don’t make another official song/album together ever again. Like Big Boi said in many an interview, their relationship is bigger than music. And as fans truth is they don’t owe us a damn thing.

  • marty mcfly

    Its cool if people feel like Outkast and Andre dont own the fans nothing cause in the literal sense the dont “owe” us, BUT you got Andre fans that been running around for 15 years fam, 15 years now saying that Andre is GOAT. Now imo that puts this particular artists in a different situation because if ANY other artist was in the position they would do a album like yesterday. In most situations what does an artist do when they have a buzz? Put out music right… Again you got a million people out there that say Andre 3k is GOAT so thats so far beyond just buzz its crazy. Im sorry but sometimes an artists has to do an album for the fans sake.

  • randu

    How is he being a douche. all he’s saying is that it wasnt a deliberate outkast collaboration. the same way pacs songs after he died werent real collaborations. emotional ass fans lol.

  • ^marty you’re failing to understand that Andre 3000 just doesn’t care. He doesn’t feel the pressure that you’re talking about and it means nothing to him that people want an album. If it did, he would have released something in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012….we’re in 2013 now fam? Hahaha. The man is not interested in hip-hop anymore. Maybe one day he will be but I just don’t see it based on the evidence. I don’t think it means anything to him to be the “greatest MC.” He is working on directing, acting, a clothing line, fatherhood etc. Andre 3000 did the rare thing in music. He basically retired. And he meant that. And I think fans, like me, we can’t believe it because we want more and in hip-hop it’s so rare for someone to really retire. Jay-Z tried and didn’t. KRS One is still going. Etc. Listen to “The Mighty O” on Idlewild which is the last Andre 3000 Outkast verse. He says it all in that song. And he hasn’t come back since.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah I get it but just look at your first couple sentences. That has to be the saddest shit right there, the fans mean nothing to him? Ok thats fine but damn thats kinda crazy in itself if its true. I never heard Andre say he retired and he stay getting on other peoples shit but whatever. At the end of the day he has a right to do whatever he wants but the whole shit is still kinda crazy imo.

  • @marty it is a shame in my opinion because I do think he can be the GOAT if he just put out one album hahaha. I think he looks at himself as an artist, and hip-hop is just one of the things he does. So it’s not necessarily his priority even if it’s the art that most people identify him with.

    Just hope one day he finds the lasting passion to put out a hip-hop project.

  • marty mcfly

    Your not a dope hip hop artist just because you really dont make hip hop music and thats also my point. Andre is not more of an artist then other MCs just because he made one pop singing album. If Andre is a rapper then rap. If he’s into other shit then go do that but its no way he could make one album and be the GOAT. I dont know about nothing else he does outside of rapping so making music must still be what he’s best at doing and my larger point his that people give Andre all these super high titles for shit he never did. Anything Outkast is a 50% effort from 3k because Big Boi’s is the other half of those albums but again Andre is not greater then everybody else just because he has no solo hip hop albums. That actually makes him less of an artist then all the other greats in hip hop.

  • frylock

    i find andre to extremely selfish. he can collaborate with fake fucks like rick ross. but he can’t even make “ONE” song with basically his fucking brother big boi. plus how can he not care about shit, he wouldn’t even be in the position hes at if it wasn’t for the people buying his shit. fuck this guy, he made great music sure, but stop fucking with the people with you nonsensical bullshit. if andre really doesn’t care about anything then he should fucking leave and never come back. that way the people can stop having high hopes for a outkast reunion and stop giving a fuck. dre just fade the fuck away dude.

  • dh

    Andre is right. An unofficial remix is not a real remix, ya dig?

  • ms B

    Andre is a all around artist. He is good Ass hell. The lyrics he come up with can’t be touch. I’m just glad to hear him when ever. But I feel like if he do come back with outkast he want be happy but alone he will be fire like he is on that T.I. Bc he got so much to say. I’m not given up on my boy. All I could do was smile when I heard him on T.I. He coming but when he ready!

  • BC

    Dre can do what he wants with his life. His life his choice. He does not have to do an outkast album if he doesn’t want to. That being said, it is interesting that he does all these guest appearances, but can’t collab with Big Boi. Also, his choice of guest appearances is interesting too. I remember back in the day the guest appearances were the Alkoholiks, Goodie Mob, Eightball and MJG… Now its Kesha, Drake, Rick Ross, Beyonce, Lil Wayne (the most popular artists) This shows that he is still somewhat interested in hip-hop and the spotlight. Also, he says “I don’t care about no damn money” in the song Sorry. But Gillette commercials? Those products aren’t even good for black skin. Bottom line, I feel like there is more to the story of him not doing Outkast anymore. Maybe musical direction, maybe label woes, maybe he feels its more profitable to go solo. But something is up with that. By the way, he is still my favorite rapper of all time.