A$AP Rocky & A$AP Mob Freestyle on Funk Flex (Video)

blame it on Illy January 15, 2013

Rocky and his crew take over Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex show with off-the-top freestyles over several classic beats. Hear the rest of the five-part freestyle after the jump. SHAKE UPDATE: Video proof is now available, check the full session up top.

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  • raw hiphop

    shit was legitimately majority allllllllll wack amfh no pure talent at all asap cant ride a beat for nttn 2012 led the year of HYPING trash artist 2013 better be the end of this fad ….thes only niggas confidently trash….wat happen wit hip hop when niggas could actually grab a mic cause its they life ….Material niggas wit no material

  • ffree

    ^ i cant stand niggas like you. always got something to criticize/complain about. this was off the dome… and very dope by that standard. how do you have the nerve to criticize a nigga going off the dome when nobody else even dares? When all these rappers spit writtens you probably the first to start talking about that shit was written hip hop is dead. then when a nigga actually has the balls to go in off the top you still refuse to say anything constructive.

    you’re an asshole my nigga. You ever heard eminem go off the dome? he is mediocre too…. thats why he dont do it no more. at least this nigga had the guts to freestyle from his head. and im not even a fan of this nigga. but you a bitch for criticizing

  • I think all but maybe 1 or 2 of those verses were REAL freestyle and man you have to respect that. Freestyling is a real craft that many can’t accomplish. Kudos to A$AP for that.

  • J1

    Nigga this shit was wack even if it was off the dome don’t even front lol. Regular niggas who dont even rap be spittin shit like this bruh. This nigga still makes good songs tho

  • raw hiphop

    LMAOOOOOOOOO REALLLLLLY YALLLLLLLLL RESPECT A NIGGGGGA WHO FREESTYLIN OFF THE TOP SAYINGGGGGGGG WTF ANY RANDOM WACK NIGGA WHO CANT EVEN CATCH A BEAT CAN SAY ..every1 and they momma knws a niggas who can freestyle off top better then this …Exactly the problem wit hip hop yall defend wack ass shit yea ok wateva he TRYD to freestyle DONT MEAN HE SHOULD BE let alone be grabing a mic.. and talk bout u hate niggas who flex they opinion and critize WTF U THINK GNNA ACTUALLY INFLUENCE THESE WACK RAPPERS to actually work on they craft???the people who do the real critizing WAT KINDA DUMBLAME NIGGA like u actually bumpin your head like you aint jus heard every freestyle in your city by the neighborhood dirty nigga who can catch a beat seeeeeeee now that u fucked wit all them wack freestyles fag get a fucking blank cd put all 5 of these WACK freestyles up there and BUMP THAT SHIT UP ALL DAY TILL UR EARDRUMS GET FUCKING IRRITATED AND START DRIPPING ASAP SEMAN OUT UR EAR TILL UR BODY STARTS TO SHUT DOWN START REGECTING YOUSELF TILL YOU VOMITT UR LUNCHABLES FROM ALL WEEK WHILE U SIT UP HERE AS THE CRITIZING COMMENT CONTROLING BITCH THIS A CULTURE EVERY OPINION AINT THE SAME BUT FROM UR SHIT WE BOTH KNOW WHO BUMPING BETTER MUSIC AND FREESTYLE FROM REAL ARTIST THAT DO THIS FRESTYLE/HIPHOP SHIT 4REAL AND SHOUT OUT FOR THIS BEING MY SECOND 2DOPEBOYZ POST EVA IN MY LIFE GOES TO SHOW U EVEN A DUMBER NIGGA … p.S.
    Yo wake the fuck up or get broke the fuck up
    The wisdom we apply Son soak this shit up
    If it was sess Son niggaz would smoke this shit up
    So wake the fuck up or get broke the fuck up

  • dopexlord


  • hippity

    Man what the fuck lil 8yr old toothless cousin be spittin better freestyles than asap asap asap…sigh lets bring light to these dumb motha fuckas who cant spit at all n get em all outta here.

  • Anyone think these freestyles are older?
    In the second part ~0:25 he says “Now 20-11, call me Goldie”
    These may not be recent. I’m not sure.

  • raw hiphop


  • marty mcfly

    Now I talk shit about these fools lack of skills all the time but this time I cant front. These niggas was killin shit this time, shit sounded like it was 2002 and G -Unit was on Flex show. Just sayin

  • realtalk™

    This wasn’t even bad.. 99% of the mainstream rappers out now only spit writtens.

    You faggots always have something to complain about.. if you’re such a good rapper then do this shit yourself, build a buzz, get a deal and make it to Hot 97.. yeah didn’t think so..

  • dave chappelle

    raw hiphop is so fucking lame. such a hatin youngblood gotta agree with ffree. Get so sick of people criticizing off the top rap. That shit is so hard to do consistently and I respect ANYONE who goes live on one of the biggest radio stations and goes off the top half decently.

    Props to Rocky.

  • dave chappelle

    Fuck anyone hating rocky killed his freestyle at 9 minutes. Sorry all you mad bros with twitter attention spans who cant watch more than 1 minute of a video or read more than 250 words……

  • A fucking SAP

    “tell a bitch to suck my dick she a muskrat … …”
    “next beat”
    “nah fuck it”

    Theyre just clowning if u didn’t smile or laugh watching this you must be salty