Chief Keef Arrested For Probation Violation

blame it on Shake January 15, 2013

It looks like Chief Keef has another thing to add to the list of things he “don’t like” as the young Chicago native was taken into custody for violating his probation (stemming from a gun charge in 2011). You’d think, agreeing to an interview with Pitchfork at a GUN RANGE would set off some alarms in the kid’s head. I guess not, as he’ll be sitting in a cell until his sentence hearing on Thursday.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Keep him…

  • Ha

    What an idiot.

  • Slruim

    Stupid ass has all that money, and make those decisions? What a waste.

    Idiot will be dead or facing hard time if he doesn’t smarten up.

    • Slap a bitch

      Bitch shut up

  • Dashboard


  • THT

    Dam chief keith, come home baby bul! Only a hater would say something about keith. He is one of the biggest acts in hip hop right now, why would you throw this dude in jail? He good though, I aint tripping. He got plenty money so he good… FREE CHIEF KEITH, the chi needs you more than ever. Keep the Chi on top dawg!!

  • doc rovers

    maybe the most unintelligent person in the music business. thats saying a LOT

  • WEST

    the chi gots kanye, chief keef is just fuckin that city up.

  • Yessuh

    Pusha T – Wrath of Caine Tracklist:
    1. FYPM
    2. Blocka (Ft. Popcaan & Travi$ Scott)
    3. Eastside King
    4. Rugged Man (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    5. Ric Flair
    6. Raise The Belt
    7. Dear Father
    8. Snort (Ft. Gunplay)
    9. Back From The Dead (Ft. Chief Keef)
    10. Millions (Ft. Rick Ross)
    11. Kilos
    12. Bahamas (Ft. 2 Chainz & Big Sean)
    13. All Chrome
    14. King Push


    ^CONFIRMED, LIL WAYNE DISSES 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuck you

    @THT you can visit the little retard in jail and bring him some uno’s pizza

  • Nigga been on probation since fuckin…. I DONT KNOW WHEN

  • Good Peoples!

    Yall like the fact a teenager is in jail????? Damn yall must have some sad ass lives to wish that on a young nigga smh

    But lets not act like he won’t be getting out soon! FUCKING HATERS!

  • macturnal step for man, one giant step for mankind…

  • LOUD

    This lil nigga is a damn dummy

  • Sheep

    People complain ENDLESSLY bout fake spittaz *cough cough Pseudo Ricky* not living what they chat; then when a muhfucka does he’s ‘stupid’?!?! Cus we all know that as soon as you get money you MUST become obsequious and yield to the overriding demographic of servility and do as your told by society an’ pricks like @Slruim?!?! I ain’t condonin shit buh if the muhfucka chooses to break his probation etc. [which is neither ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ as it devoid of ethics] tha’s on him… pussies… go do as your told for the sake of doing as your told… like Keef’s manager said ‘You can kiss my ass’…

  • peteROC

    FUCK EVERYBODY WHO CLICKED THE DOPE BUTTON. You really delighting in somebody going inside, fuck out of here.

  • Read a book

    “Cus we all know that as soon as you get money you MUST become obsequious and yield to the overriding demographic of servility and do as your told by society”

    Quit trying to sound smart by using big words. If you don’t know that you shouldn’t be hanging out at a gun range while on probation, you’re stupid.

  • MC

    The fact of the matter is he should’ve been aware of the details of his situation. News about a teen being locked up is unfortunate, but he set himself up for this. Pitchfork was stupid for setting up the interview, but where was his probation officer? Interscope? His manager didn’t think to look into his past history of delinquency? Why didn’t Keith check with/inform anyone in his circle about whether this could be a bad move? The “he’s a kid” pass expired a while ago.

  • .

    ^^^When they deserve it, fuck yeah

  • NesTa

    Considerin he put himself there…nigga Keef delightin in himself…’wished’ that on himself…smh.

    ANYBODY in jail…is FUCKING STUPID…yep, go right where they want you, fool. Or is that simply puttin yourself…in your place?

  • REAL

    @NesTa I can just tell you a fuck nigga!

    I CAN JUST TELL! smh

  • Cloud 9

    when people make bad decisions bad things happen. hes a kid still making bad decisions. not saying he wants to be in jail but he fucked up he deserves jail time. period damn if lil wayne raped somebody yall would still be like “free weezy” plus keef is a lame ass rapper anyway. if he keeps messing up trying to be in the streets hes gonna end up staying.

  • Chad



    Can’t believe 2dope has stooped to finding a 17 year-old going back to jail “dope.” You might think he needs to go to jail to learn a lesson but that shit ain’t “dope”

  • Huh?

    A 17 year old who brandishes guns knowing he’s not supposed to, instagrams himself gettin’ head & laughing at someones’ death on Twitter.

    This nigga should probably stay in jail. Just because he’s young doesn’t give him any excuse to be stupid & reckless.

  • myper spective

    ^^Exactly. That shit aint kool. But thats what is viewed as kool, meanwhile the majority of the black youth are in jail because of tryin to be kool. Yall gonna stop glorifying this lifestyle one day, idk how many more young black men have to get killed or incarcerated, but one day yall gonna wake up and realize yall have been trapped, in the trap.

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  • jhock420

    these bitches love sosa

  • ajajajajaajja

    OH Keefer, how art thou..