• http://real-tube.net Qtslim3000

    Realist rapper in da game. Proud of my nigga

  • NAW

    @Qtslim3000 Yea right!

  • http://sharpeobjects.com albert shape

    Kendrick is forsure one of the realist in the game. His "backseat freestyle" and western tinks "trill hoe" are my two favs right now! I dont even think kendricks truely blown up yet.

  • ken kaniff

    i'd let her sit on my face for a few hours.

  • realtalk™

    fuck does "realist in the game" even mean?

    and assuming you guys actually mean REALEST.. I'm still wondering what does that even mean lol

  • Felonius Funk

    Great interview.... Terrible camera angle