Wax – I Shoulda Tried Harder

blame it on Shake January 15, 2013

Off Wax’s newly-released Continue… LP, available now.

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  • AnUnBiasedOpinion

    Shake…I have been a fan of Wax and Eom for a while now and i dont know what has changed, but I tried sending you guys a email when 2dbz first started about this dude just to purely share this good music with the site and nothing was ever posted….This was years ago…

    So whats different? As a fan of your site, are you guys a pay for play type site or do you honestly give good music a chance?

  • Jeff


    Maybe the email slipped through the crack and they didn’t read it? Or maybe they did read it and simply didn’t post it. At the end of they day, it’s their blog, and the post what they feel.