Ace Hood – Bugatti f. Rick Ross & Future (prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

blame it on Shake January 16, 2013

Struggle Falsetto and Rick Ros join Ace hood on his Mike WiLL-produced single.

  • MG155

    same old shit ….next

  • KendrickLamardickrider

    Tough! Ace Hood coming for that top spot!

  • JC

    MG155 Why you hatein.. Ace one of the best youngens out! 2013 gonna be his year!

  • malcyvelli

    i stopped fucking with ace hood after the preview, i respect his grind and everything but his shit ALWAYS sounds the same, same flows, same beats, same subject matter, its just disposable music in essence, i cant fuck with basic shit and this is a pretty good example of basic

  • acefan

    ive been an ace hood fan for a while now. ive liked all his albums and most mixtapes. ive honestly never understood how people can listen to meek mill or even tyga but not try ace who can run laps around them(not that its hard to do). No need for Struggle Falsetto and Rick Ross on this joint tho!

  • realtalk™

    ^really tho? so what were his best lines on this exactly?


  • you guys really didn’t listen to starvation 2…… if you listened to it, you’ll realize that he’s good at balancing trap with songs that have a true meaning.

  • Hop

    @djzrex ^ BINGO. If he were to switch up and be a part of G.O.O.D. or a clique everyone respects and spit like he does now folks would be on his nuts. He really talks about real shit and is super intelligent-people sleep on him. Ni**as want that lollipop rap though for them to be able to understand and relate. The problem is he gives you guys too much music. It’s disposable because it’s so accessible. This man is staying in his lane and Starvation II is getting slept on – listen to that shit.

  • kenzo

    mike will made it with another bangerrrrr. typical trap beat but cot damn this beat is LIVE.

  • Nova

    This might be a hit

  • Tony

    This is another good example of why its hard to listen to a rapper, or “not hate” as its presumably perceived. Because I fail to see the how waking up in a million dollar vehicle, with pockets as fat as a tumor, describe “trials & tribulation”. With production by the most popular rap producer right now, featuring cliché rappers, and lyrics lacking relatable content.

    They should’ve sat for a minute, thought of a quality hook, and made the best of quality production. But no, the trap has another anthem of over exaggerated lifestyle and materials. And this is unnecessarily overstated. I just have a minute to spare..

  • malcyvelli

    hahaha @Tony i thought the same shit!that hook was trash! how the fuck does anything in the hook result or let alone have anything to do with leading up to waking up in a bugatti? this is basic, if you can honestly say this dude is talking anything new or even constructive with his subject matter, then please give me the names of these tracks so i can discover what you see in this dude

    • berdooiesc

      @tony @malcyvelli WTF r u talking about? U 2 pussies give true meaning 2 the phrase JEALOUS LIL BITCHES!
      1st- rap artists do not have to rap about something CONSTRUCTIVE or POSITIVE! It’s ART idiots!
      2nd- the hook doesn’t have to give u an explanation for the title of the song!
      3rd- saying something is basic, when you have never done it 1 time in your entire life, is brain dead.
      WTF do u know about a bugati, u have never even seen 1!

  • gregory kruxx.

    garbagggeeeee…fukin polluyion to the airwaves. Future is the new T-Pain…kill us NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Shit who allowed these corny muthaphukas to speak into a mic in the first place….

  • egyle

    I hope Ace Hood wins a grammy this year.

  • cLaRk


  • Nigga up there say ace shit all sound the same if thats the case all these niggas sound the same on every track meek mill sound the same on everything ross future the list go very long ace killin these niggas every mixtape classic street albums starvation 2 is classic he talking some real shit on them tracks. MALCYVELLI STOP HATING AND KEEP SUCKIN D!CK you know nonthing about real shit!!!!

  • ulli

    same old shit.

  • Sameolish…

    I have to agree with Tony & Malcyvelli, I feel like Ive already heard this song, its the same typical down south ish. These dudes make song after song about how much money they have and just flip in different ways with a similar beat. I am not HATING just stating the fact that these down south songs all have too much in common.

  • Ace Hood’s mom

    Ace Hood worst rapper ever to live

  • AceABitchLookingFaggot

    Damn, Da Brat been doin roids? Bitch lookin crazy now days…