Dee Goodz – Super Duper Hard (Video)

blame it on Shake January 16, 2013

Upon surpassing 17k followers on Twitter, Dee Goodz lets loose the latest video from The Introduction of Donald G project (which landed on Mek’s 2Dope Year End list).

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  • Norman

    i’m a fan of Dee Goodz and all but dude is not anything extraordinary by any means, this song has a dope beat with sub par lyrics. Just wondering why he gets so much love on this website. Most acts with this type sound would get a lot less love. What gives?

  • ike ike riot

    Did dude just switch shirts with other dude in his crew?

  • An+i0ch

    @Norman u sound like a real hater. “Dear 2dopeboyz why is Dee Goodz dick bigger than mine, He’s fucking all the thick bitches and I’m not” #faceass hahaha Fuck outta here LAME!

  • BeYoung

    Dee Goodz is killin shit right now. Vid is dope.

  • @Norman dude ur sleep #TheHigherEP with The Kickdrums was awesome as fuck.

  • Real Rec Real

    Dee Goodz and them CKDO boys have an official and respected movement in the south. Dee was one of the original cool underground kidsand has truly worked hard for people to respect his music. The dude can legitly do a show in any city and pull people out, makes quality music. I think you want him to be some sort of gimmick and he’s not, he’s himself and that is why we fuck with him constantly.

  • wP

    @Ike Nah bish thats that CKDO gear get in the know ya lookin silly askin dumb azz questions like that

  • DWP

    Video was trippy. Salute from France

  • Got Bars?

    Ca$hville Hoe!

  • Tlewis

    Did these lames really leave hater comments in 2013 thooooough? Fuck boy go jack ya dick or sumtin. Get some money bytch n quit hatin Tennessee in dis thang

  • Freckles

    I wanna suck Dee Goodz dick

  • J. Trife

    “The only way to make this pop is get that Fergie” haha I just caught this thats slick as hell

  • ike ike riot

    @wP just cause it’s a certain type of gear dont mean dude didnt switch shirts, acting like im not on with gear kiddo sit back. Acting huff as hell Get up out ya chest.

  • Thomas

    I think the video was trippy as fuck. Its alot of dicksucking on these comments. Niggas mad cuz it aint them period.

  • Carmen

    This video goes sooooo hard! Aww man why is he not even considered as a XXL freshman I dont know.