Drake Shooting Video For New Single In Toronto

blame it on Shake January 16, 2013

According to Drake’s fansite Word On Road, Drake is currently in Toronto shooting a video (directed by Director X) for his new single “Started From The Bottom.” The above image is one of a couple paparazzi-style shots the site took during the shoot. Click here for the rest.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Lookin frail as ever.. Here comes another love song.

  • thattruth

    if this dude started from the bottom, then Diddy, Mary J. & fiddy were born in Somalia.

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      I LOL’d

  • Victor Woo

    If you people stop buying this soft-as-a-kitten nasal pussy bragging rich kid shit, it will eventually go away. Drake will never be hip hop.

  • marty mcfly

    The next Drake album is gonna be DOPE.

    • ChicaGo-Getter


  • Truth

    Aubrey Graham is more Hip-Hop than your favorite artist, and it kills you inside doesn’t it!

  • Miso

    Uhhh…Drake has a fansite?

  • thatrealshit


  • 2

    i cant say i’ve ever liked anything by drake

  • Hahaha

    Well Drake move over. Now Manti Teo is the softest nigga on planet earth starting today.

  • Jay Daniels

    @Victor Woo Drake is everything ABOUT hip-hop. Turn on your radios and tvs bruh.

  • Chef

    @Hahaha… Hahaha… but true

  • Danny Melody

    Drake aint a soft rapper, he just man enough to talk about soft shit , lately hes been putting hard shit tho , i expect this album to be sick

  • FanOfAFan

    Can’t wait for some new drake. Guy’s an incredible artist and a good emcee. I don’t know how you guys can respect someone like Danny Brown on here, but not Drake.. Doesn’t make any sense..

  • they shooting this in toronto???/ im salty as fuck. twitter told me this was being shot in my town. i thought i was about to hop in this shit doe.

  • Now we know most of ya’ll are liars if you act like Comeback Season wasn’t one of the coldest mixtapes ever.

  • dre

    More soft ass shit for my bitch to listen 2 while she do her hair & nails

  • 1

    Drake’s fuckin facial expressions and dumb ass Hand movements in the “fuckin problems” Video fucked up everything…bubble tea drinkin ass nigga…

    Nevertheless, lookin forward to the Single, drake’s good when he ain’t rappin with mafuckas like Future, French montana etc.

  • d-bo

    Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaah… hahahhahahaahahaahahaahaahahahahahahaahahahahah……… aaaaahahaahahahaahahahahaahahaahah.

    People talking Drake is the definition of hip hop had me on the floor for a lil while. Fuckin cornballs.

  • who cares

    Damn I thought this said “Drake Shooting in Toronto”. I thought Hip Hop got lucky for a second.

  • Young C

    Hip Hop would be dead without drake he put his heart in it

  • Good Point

    Niggas sound like drake fucked them and never called back.

  • JReezy

    Hopefully this single is more of a Rap record (or a wholly Rap record) than R&B.

  • EyedeaandSlug

    Drake is better then yo favorite shitty rapper bruh fuck you wannabehiphop heads with no knowledge of the game. Yall niggs hate Drake same reason yall niggas be rocking skinny jeans its the “trendy” thing to hate on someone you call soft. Fucking cornballs fuh real b bitchniggas assume the postion