Fabolous – Ready f. Chris Brown (Single Artwork)

blame it on Shake January 16, 2013

Looks like Loso is “ready” to release the first single (featuring Chris Brown) off Loso’s Way II. And according to Sav, tomorrow is the date. Before that, be sure to give The Soul Tape 2 a listen if you haven’t already.

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  • BKLYN Kid

    ANOTHER R&B feature Fabolous? Really? This is why you fail Fab and don’t get the proper respect you deserve as an MC… I don’t even need to hear this to know it’s some syrupy, pop sounding garbage that this dude constantly falls back on when it’s time to release a retail album. Lemme guess the features on Loso’s Way 2: Chris Brown (confirmed), Jeremih, Ne-Yo, Ryan Leslie, Miguel & Rhianna? SMH… What a waste. Soul Tape 2 shoulda been his retail album… that’s the Fab I wanna hear. Not R&B collaborations that sound like something out of 2005.

  • kfrxsh

    Bklyn kid.. your opinion is irrelavent. Everybody knows men dont buy albums, women do. Fabs best selling albums had lead singles feauturing women. I.e. “so into you” . You sound ignorant as fck bruh. Mixtapes are mixtapes albums are a whole different ball game

  • kenzo

    who made this shitty artwork?! LOL.

  • wickywoss

    kenzo WORD that shit sucks, concept and quality
    fck outta here kfrzsh your comment is IRRELEVANT bruh

    I don’t even mind his singles, Baby Don’t Go still knocks
    if the features listed for the album (cole, budden, pusha..) are accurate it should be pretty well balanced

  • BKLYN Kid

    LOL.. this kfrxsh kid must be apart of Fab’s street team. My comment obviously went over your head. Like wickywoss said, balance is key. And balance is something that Fab’s retail albums have severely lacked. Women buy albums? Cool.. I’m with that. But everybody is gonna have to listen at some point… and then what? The greats are able to craft albums that will get sales and artistic acclaim. Jay-Z had this formula down to a science… yet maintained his artistic integrity enough to be mentioned among the greats. Fab has yet to create a classic album which is a shame because I believe he has the lyrical talent, mic presence and versatility to do so, yet takes the easy route and makes formulaic music for his major albums. But kfrxsh is obviously a smart dumb nigga so he/she wouldn’t get it…

  • david

    Look at that fuckin forehead!