• adolfmayne

    First! And dope song i still listen to d.r.u.g.s they need to drop a new video thug waffle musta hit 2mill for them to drop this

  • https://twitter.com/criticalhype Dj Critical Hype

    this joint is fukin dope! really feelin this one

  • http://www.francoistoulour.com Steph

    That first guy sounds like NINE.

  • http://scroogemcdope.tumblr.com schuyler

    Ya'll are crazy, Meech's flow was all over the place. And that sounds nothing like Juice, was that Erick?

  • adolfmayne

    @schuyler its meech and erick

  • Wesson

    Now that's a dope beat.

  • j1

    that beat>>>