How Many Albums Is LongLiveA$AP Predicted To Sell In Its First Week?

blame it on Meka January 16, 2013

According to Hits Daily Double A$AP Rocky’s major label debut will land at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts, selling between 130,000 and 140,000 copies. If those numbers hold up, it’ll be another dope accomplishment for the rapper, who has already struck gold with “Fuckin’ Problems.”

Head down bottom for an interview with Rocky on why he’s cool on Givenchy clothing. Yeah, I know. Another interview about fashion.

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  • Ryuk

    Good for him considering he was hit with a very early leak. thats dope.

  • HouseOfStark

    I think the leak could effect sales, possibly favorably because of it’s positive reception. I think it’s a very good debut, sonically experimental similar to Man on the Moon and lyrically creative and honest. Rocky could have lost himself in the progressive project but he maintains control and continues to be a hybrid rapper of NYC/Harlem and Houston Trill hip hop.

  • gt

    no fuckin way he is doing that much his shit leaked like over a month ago

  • marty mcfly

    Whatever Rocky sales is all good and everything but just speaking in general I wanna know, where is the proof that albums leaking actually helps sales? That theory is one that defies logic to me.

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    If that is the prediction then it is clear the leak hurt, bad. I would’ve thought he would do a quarter million. He had an extremely successful tour, had 2 huge singles (albeit goldie came out in april), 2 very successful mixtapes, a co-sign from drake and kendrick and his album was heavily advertised. The leak has to take the blame

  • dwd

    @Leuitrim Rexhaj stfu hating ass nigga dat is a solid first week despite the leak

  • MG155

    Got my cd showing support from england for a dope album, broke bitches

  • Code

    Maaaan..this nigga ain’t doing 140k. Sony/RCA doing 140k. When is the last time you had a leak that far off do those numbers. I dont really rock with him like that and if he does those numbers then great for him. I just don’t see that shit happening.

  • Miso

    The leak came so damn early it feels like a re-release now.

  • ASAP Liar

    Some where they are definantly beefing up his numbers.. His album leaked a long time ago and it wasnt buzzing like when Lil Wayne’s Album Leaked or Drakes, or Rick Ross’s or Jeez’s. In other words if his album leaks and everyone was going crazy about it, then I would understand but it leaked and no one really cared and now its gonna do 140k? That doesn’t make sense at all. I wish the man great success but all the smart ppl know NUMBERS LIE. Ask Meek Mill, Mr 3million downloads and only selling about 200k… Dont make sense

  • skiler415

    I agree, even thought I got the leak late, it was not impressive at all. I Liked the 2 songs that were not all over the internet. 1 train and Ghetto symphonie. Most of the signature tracks were available on hulkshare like 6 wks ago.

    IMO the leak just proved that he gives out his best shit for free. He pulled a rick ross.

  • RED_bWs


    I don’t think homie was hating, all he was saying is that it probably would have done more if it didn’t leak. No hate there.

    I’m impressed that the album is projected to do those numbers after it leaked so early. Props to A$AP.

  • These ASAP guys are generic hip hop bringing nothing to the table. Can even differentiate between the, or tell their vibe or story. You think he would pull Lupe debut numbers? You gotta be kidding me. 50 k at best

  • flo

    @marty mcfly bro every album leaks lol

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Just wanted to make the point that leaks severely hurt albums. There is no such thing as an album leaking and it being a good thing. It’s good for fans but terrible for artists and the game in general.

  • “How Many Albums Is LongLiveA$AP Predicted To Sell In Its First Week?”

    How many albums is an album (LongLiveA$AP) predicted to sell in its first week? So you’re asking how many units an album’s gonna sell itself? And you call yourself a writer? Okay Meka! :(

  • djruthlessuk

    dis dude wore a dress on BET guess you guys like dat kinda shit #faggots