• http://scroogemcdope.tumblr.com Schuyler

    I don't mean to sound like a hater, but it seems to me Joey's falling off. I'll wait to say for sure after I sample his upcoming album, but in my opinion he didn't stand out as per usual on neither the Slaughterhouse tape, much less on their Shady debut. And I also think it's safe to say that A Loose Quarter was pretty average, with only a handful of strong, solid tracks.

    But again, like I said, I'll wait until we hear No Love Lost to close my book on him.

  • http://real-tube.net Qtslim3000

    What? Joe is at least one of the top 10 MC's alive today

  • f;asoefkaE:

    i could literally name 100 rappers who are way better than that guy today. literally

  • PhrayzerMusic

    A Loose Quarter is quality rap that very few rappers today could match