Juelz Santana Breaks Down God Will’n Tracks (Video)

blame it on Shake January 16, 2013

During a sitdown with FUSE, Juelz Santana breaks down a couple tracks (“Nobody’s Safe”, “My Will” and “Black Out” in particular) from his recently-released God Will’n mixtape.

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  • Glad dude back to doing his thing

  • In other news…the game has changed so much. *looks at pic of ASAP Rocky skirt*

  • cLaRk

    i downloaded the mixtape gave it a listen and then put it in the trash bin it was wack that aint the juelz i know

  • SHOWMAN3000

    What’s sad is this dude actually really feels this mixtap is dope. He’s breaking down songs like their bangas. Straight “Yawn Music” It’s not whack at all but it’s so regular, generic, safe and low-heart rate type music it’s ridiculous. A waste OF good producers and features. I’m sorry Juelz, I like you homie but try again on “God Will’n 2” Since you said in a interview that you’re already recording for Pt.2 I’ll def check for it in hopes that it’s a progression, it’s better than Pt. 1 and more importantly in hopes that you’re at your absolute BEST musically!

  • DMAZ

    ^^^fucking rap hipsters^^^… I think Juelz Santana step into 2013 finally. he’s paid he dues in the rap game, you guys think the same old shit makes money? fuck no. JS does got some bangers on this, let him get his cash.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    “Hipster”? HAHAHA not even 1% close to that equation. I heard Juelz features on other artist tracks since his last album in ’05 & Skull Gang album in ’09. I also listened to him featuring on tracks last yr etc and I LIKED his verses etc. So then what kind of hipster would listen to Juelz or the Dipset for that matter. It’s an avg mixtape. I never said it was wak. Whatever man. Anyway; I’ll just say these 2 things.

    1. Am I supposed to like peoples music because “they” are getting money whether if their music is avg or wak?

    2. Good music has a time frame on it? So “old” music is wak and “new” music is hot? I thought good music was timeless whether if it’s this era or any era to come or past. Old or new Juelz his music needs to be hot right; wouldn’t you agree?