Mac Miller Settles Lord Finesse’s $10 Million Lawsuit

blame it on Shake January 16, 2013

If you remember, a couple months back Lord Finesse hit Mac Miller with a $10 Million lawsuitin regards to his usage of “Hip 2 Da Game” on “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza.” Six months later, it seems as the two have agreed on an undisclosed settlement. According to court documents (acquired by HHDX), a successful settlement conference for the case was held in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry B. Pitman (for the Southern District of New York) on December 6, 2012. And while final details on the settlement have yet to be released, it’s still crazy to see the outcome. I wonder what this means for future mixtape releases, etc. Thoughts?

  • jones420

    great for lord finesse. bad for hiphop

  • dave chappelle

    God forbid Hip Hop artists will have to become more original and quit using other people’s beats. If anything, I hope it inspires people to work harder on their own music and with local producers in order to gain a buzz versus jackin’ for beats.

  • DK

    $10 million though? damn…

  • Tzu

    As much as I like Finesse getting paid, I don’t think this sets the right precedent for the use of samples and instrumentals… Any one of you basement MC’s wil be liable to get sued by Jay-Z for rapping over the Seven Minutes of Funk loop, if you ever blow up. Come to think of it… EPMD should sue Jay for everything he got for using that after they did. lol

  • malcyvelli

    where in this article does it say 10 mill was paid up?nowhere!it says undisclosed so you cant really tell, i think its gonna affect future tape releases though due to thirsty folks trying to eat off others plates though, shits a shame…

  • amaya

    i get what you mean chappelle.. but i feel a mixtape is conducted by rap artists to show case their talent as rappers not as producers… That is why mixtapes are free.. Hip hop originated from people mcing over other music.. the mixtape is just a modern take on that.. it just sucks to see a legend in the game not recognize that…

  • JustBeingHonest

    Lord Finesse is stupid. And apparently has no respect for music… Just let it go man ur already a legend in hip hop and u decide to sue another big artist for using the same beat. It’s not that big of a deal!

  • cwatidid

    guess he isn’t too hip to the game anymore

  • letsbreal

    it’s only cause mac miller is white

  • pete

    my guess is that they settled for about a tenth of that. Fact is, Mac wasn’t releasing this for commercial gain. It was a free mixtape. In any event, it contributed to his notoriety. And Finnesse is probably entitled to royalties in that case

  • j

    he prob got a 0.10% of that maximum

    no way can he say mac profited too much from that one song

  • 007

    did NOBODY watch that guru video posted below???

  • DBS

    How can you even sue over that when it’s not even for commercial use? I lost a little respect for Finesse because of this, dude’s been sampling his whole career not always clearing the samples and making money off of it but sues a guy for using his music on a free mixtape? The hypocrisy is pretty disgusting.

  • 1992

    terrible, kills an essence of hip hop, how do you think we came to know artists like curren$y, discourages very talented MCs from becoming something. Puts less emphasis on lyrical talent.

  • david

    @dave chappelle I agree 100%, gotta be at least 100 hip-hop producers in every 1 mile radius and a handful of em gotta be nice, Finesse needs to drop another album (that compilation album of remixes and demo’s he put out last year doesn’t count) and I’ll buy it 1000 times before I take a 2nd look at a Miller CD

  • antinerdrap

    Hip 2 Da Game is sampled so shouldnt
    Oscar Peterson be suing? I guess Lord Finesse is sitting in his rocking chair waiting on Joey Badass to blow up so he can sue him. So D Dot should sue Lord Finesse for rocking on Benjamins beat on Tony Touch mixtape. Finesse should have just mad a beat for Miller to bring his name back out. Nobody cares about those remixes from songs from the 90s. I’m a huge Finesse fan but this is bullshit.

  • antinerdrap got it right. If anyone should be suing anyone it should be Oscar Peterson. In what world does Lord Finesse deserve this money? I don’t really even listen to Mac but this shit is just stupid. Sampling has been a part of Hip Hop since the beginning. Part of Hip Hop dies if artists gotta start getting clearance for samples for free mixtapes.

  • curtlsj

    i wonder how many samples Lord Finesse never cleared. Shit is a joke. And he’s crying broke. oh shit that rhymed

  • 2dope4nope

    I guess it’s the name of the game now things changing let’s hope for welfare muthafuckas too smh!!!


    I’m a BIG Lord Finesse and D.I.T.C. fan, but this is a super sucker move on Finess’s part. Mac’s “K.I.D.S.” was a free release, not to mention he’s repeatedly said that Big L is his favorite rapper…takes away from Finesse’s legacy by making him look broke and bitter. Damn shame.

  • krow132

    Lets call it what it is, a money grab. He knew that he can get an amount from him thats why he went so huge with the 10 mill. If you highball for 10 mill, worse comes to worse, you end up with 500K to a Mill.

    This had nothing to do with Hip Hop. Just someone trying to take money from someone else’s pocket

  • gregory kruxx.

    Finesse should be ashamed of himself. Quite pathetic actually.

  • III

    Swear some of you niggas are letting your hate for Mac Miller blind you. Replace “Mac Miller” with “Elzhi” or “Blu” and I bet you dudes would be in here in arms about how dumb the lawsuit is.

  • Tyree

    Big ups to Finesse for standing up to wackness. Fuck Mac Miller two times. WIsh he would have gotten a life sentence from this lawsuit. My hate for Mac Miller is blinding me. The dude consistently shits on hip-hop by existing and his attempts at music are criminal. Elzhi would not have gotten sued because he can rap and makes dope music. Mac Miller is a piece of shit and shouldn’t ever touch a mic.

  • B

    Bottom line, love Finesse, don’t care for Mac Miller, regardless, Finesse didn’t even clear the sample. Bottom line, he is a hypocrite, so disappointing.

  • gregory kruxx.

    He didnt have to clear the was free he didnt sell it and you think Finesse cleared every sample he used. Fuck Lord Finesse. Hes a disgrace to himself and the culture. But who cares his careers been dead since the late 90s (And I was a fan)

    • InGod

      Who said it was free? Obviously he never got Finesse’s permission to use it. It could’ve been free had he simply asked, but instead it costs a few million. Simple as that.

  • egyle

    Fuck Mac Miller, I’m jealous as fuck of his money. If I can’t have it he shouldn’t either. I’m mad as fuck.

  • Blaw

    Im not worried about this changing mixtapes etc too much. I doubt one brother would do this to another. Mack miller target market is not that of hip hop origins anyway.

  • Esquire

    Its pretty simple, get permission to use someone else’s intellectual property. Finesse paid to use those loops, equipment, samples, etc. Why would he let somebody just jack his creation? If you don’t its copyright infringement. Plain & simple. What these unsigned cats don’t understand is EVERYTHING COSTS.

  • 1992

    Mac talked to Finesse when he did the track and he was cool with it. Mac makes money, this nigga gets bitter cause he broke. Smh thats all that this is plain and simple.

  • iamjet365

    Fuck Lord Finesse!!! I used to be a fan. This is not a hip hop move

  • MikeAir

    Good Promotion for Finesse and a load of Money! Just sayin