Meek Mill – From Da Bottom f. Guordan

blame it on Shake January 16, 2013

Earlier today, Meek took to Twitter to reveal he would be dropping something new off his upcoming Dreamchasers 3 mixtape. Now, a couple hours later, the track has arrived w/ Dream Chasers Records artist Guordan on the hook. Shouts to HHS’87.

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  • IMO

    Reminds me of the Maybach Music 2 beat. Someone else could have killed this

  • CT

    Meek yelling on this track is so annoying, he messed up the song with all that yelling. I liked the chorus though

  • justsaying

    6:52 of meek mill. aint nobody got time for that!!

  • chch

    i think when 99% of rappers for the last two decades have been rappin that they started from the bottom and hustled and made it big…i get the point…but literally this guy has nothing to rap about…

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Where’s the bars at and creativity w/ how you say things and put things together? Where’s the word play and change of flows at? Geeeesssh!! You could be the realest nigga but if you can show your true talent and creativity that got you here then you feeling ya self <—like you said in this song.

    Last thing, why do certain rappers feel it's a badge of honor when you mention "that you don't even write your rhymes down and it's all in ya head. You write in ya head at the studio" SO WHAT!! It only matters if it's creative and hot. Your music starts to sound like one freestyle every time you get in the booth. Some rapers are good and some rappers are great at writing in their head some are inconsistent and some are horrible. People like Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Crooked I, Biggy, even T.I. used to do it and even Lil Wayne who can be good at it and bad at times; they all mastered it. If you ain't in that category than stop writing in ya head or work at it and improve.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    *You could be the realest nigga but if you CAN’T show your true talent and creativity that got you here then you feeling ya self <—like you said in this song.

  • nohate

    Same old, same old. Not even to mention the loud vocals and yelling combo.

  • john ballsack

    damn. once you blow up all of the haters come out. go dick ride some indie rappers ya fags.

  • Cage

    ^^^ Might wanna stop polishing his nuts… I just dislike it, no hate here…

  • Axe

    Hate the hook but Meek is killing this

  • MoneyG

    Why is the dude on the beat so off beat?

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    Why are these established artists with deals and albums always putting out mixtapes they are fucking up the mixtape game how can a unsigned new artist compete with them it ain’t fair put out a album and leave the mixtapes underground

  • MoneyG

    Why is the dude on the hook rather so off beat? Especially that second half

  • randy

    @moneyg i noticed that too i think it was poor mixing

  • tetq

    im not even a meek fan but this does not deserve 100 nopes 2DB hipsters you fucking faggot cunts

  • Slow pace

    Everything is bout the bottom to the top wit this nigga EVERYTIME I hear this dude I wonder why did beanie Siegel fuck his life up wit way better talent then this young dickhead

  • Zozo

    It’s not hating to say this guy sucks. He’s wack. Don’t know why he is posted so much on this site when clearly the majority of the site thinks he sucks

  • Mike Tomlin

    Niggas puttin Ross on their mixtape covers now?

  • brds

    @Zozo because you hipster fag hypocrites dont comment on the rappers you claim to like.

    check out the rakim song to the right. 7 comments in 2 weeks. yet you have the nerve to complain when meka says fuck yall and starts posting popular rappers. get all the way the fuck our of here nigga

  • Rizzle

    Always taking a break from this site and comeback to see ain’t shit changed. You 2dope trolls are mad fuckin annoying. Completely agree wit @tetq

  • MeekMillzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Meek got what he deserved from Cass but ppl are just hatin this song shouldnt have that much dislikes.. But this is what his album should sound like. The Hook is WEAK tho

  • Danjamouf

    *Homer Simpson voice*

  • Deez nuuutz

    ‘I’m in the studio every night killing myself’
    Oh how I wish that line were true

  • Deeply Deeply Dope

    What in the fuck is a Meek Mill?
    Prolly translates to ‘faggot ass monkey face cocksmoker’ Go get that Dickchasers 3 for more hollering and money talk from your favourite village people MC

  • The Biggest Ironic Hipster

    I don’t like this because this is what the conformist sheep like. I like indie rap that is not popular. I am different than the rest of society. I ironically shop at thrift shops and where glasses without a prescription. If you see me at your local coffee shop don’t say hi to me.

  • The Biggest Ironic Hpster


  • nyles

    how original.

  • Why this nigga yellin all the damn time?