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  • http://www.heartbeatct.com kGb

    met young guru once at one of those istandard producer competitions at webster hall. very knowledgeable, humble, positive, and down-to-earth person.

  • http://real-tube.net Qtslim3000

    Guru is the best thing to ever happen to jay z

  • Jeff

    Guru is well spoken.

  • Humanity SUcks

    4 fucking idiots. A intellectual video and that's the best the viewers of this site can say about this? Captain obvious pretending he met GURU and even if you did, who cares? Its no significance, didn't make the video better. Didn't help contribute to his observation about Piracy. Oh great, another person makes a comment about him speaking so well. As if every black person involved in hip hop isn't educated. Oh I hi Mr I'm first, fucking doucher. GET AIDS, Forget it, YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. All of you.

  • fuck Humanity SUcks

    @Humanity SUcks *An intellectual video