Chi-Ali – Games & Things f. Fat Joe (Video)

blame it on Meka January 17, 2013

Directed by Mike D’Angelo

The recently freed former member of the Native Tongues movement gets up with Joey Crack for the visuals to his single.

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  • dirk

    lol 1:13. But I love to see these kind of underground videos, real collaborations and just good music.


    mike d’angelo with the visuals once again! always on point..

  • mdz

    Skyzoo – Dear Whoever>>>>>>>

    This track aint that bad either though.

  • Alonso Verdugo

    Anyone else thinks Chi-Ali is bringing back shit people forgot? The real material? That real rap style, old school hip-hop shit? Like on his freestyle “…the rap game is filled with a lot of actors.” I mean don’t get me wrong. I admire and respect, maybe to some extent appreciate the music from A$AP, MMG, Royalty, Young Money, G.O.O.D, TGOD, etc. But looking at it compared to the Wu-Tang and Biggie days though? The Game’s doing collab’s with Tyler and Snoop high off his fucking brain and renames himself to some stupid shit. I just think Ali’s doing his homework, and he’s doing it right. I never knew about him until 2DBZ posted up his freestyle [call me young and unexperienced with music, I am I’m 20yrs old and idgaf I did my research on music from old to new.] I have to say I’m highly interested to see where he’s going with this comeback. Just my opinion, want to see if I’m alone or not…

  • dirtdawg

    he looks so shy in front the camera…

  • c5k

    this video and song are really fascinating, considering how long chi-ali has been incarcerated. there is a certain nostalgic element in this song and video that cannot be faked. it is almost as though chi-ali was frozen in time, came out, called fat joe (after copping an iPhone- an upgrade from a skytel pager) and made an honest mid 90s low budget, feel good music video. i like this a lot, hopefully chi doesn’t figure out he’s in 2013 until he’s cut a whole album.