• dirk

    lol 1:13. But I love to see these kind of underground videos, real collaborations and just good music.


    mike d'angelo with the visuals once again! always on point..

  • mdz

    Skyzoo - Dear Whoever>>>>>>>

    This track aint that bad either though.

  • Alonso Verdugo

    Anyone else thinks Chi-Ali is bringing back shit people forgot? The real material? That real rap style, old school hip-hop shit? Like on his freestyle "...the rap game is filled with a lot of actors." I mean don't get me wrong. I admire and respect, maybe to some extent appreciate the music from A$AP, MMG, Royalty, Young Money, G.O.O.D, TGOD, etc. But looking at it compared to the Wu-Tang and Biggie days though? The Game's doing collab's with Tyler and Snoop high off his fucking brain and renames himself to some stupid shit. I just think Ali's doing his homework, and he's doing it right. I never knew about him until 2DBZ posted up his freestyle [call me young and unexperienced with music, I am I'm 20yrs old and idgaf I did my research on music from old to new.] I have to say I'm highly interested to see where he's going with this comeback. Just my opinion, want to see if I'm alone or not...

  • dirtdawg

    he looks so shy in front the camera...

  • c5k

    this video and song are really fascinating, considering how long chi-ali has been incarcerated. there is a certain nostalgic element in this song and video that cannot be faked. it is almost as though chi-ali was frozen in time, came out, called fat joe (after copping an iPhone- an upgrade from a skytel pager) and made an honest mid 90s low budget, feel good music video. i like this a lot, hopefully chi doesn't figure out he's in 2013 until he's cut a whole album.