Chief Keef Sentenced to Two Months For Violating Probation

blame it on Shake January 17, 2013

After being convicted for violating his probation on Tuesday, Chief Keef was sentenced to 60 days in the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles.

  • KING

    Only 2 months?? Get this fool out of our lives already!!!

  • capital punishment

    this hoe deserves a life sentence

  • Silky Johnson

    Lock this fool up for life along with all his dreaded goons clones and see if they REALLY bout that life.

    Setting the black race back 100 years.

  • THT

    Dam, they stay tryna keep a brotha down! This young nicca out here tryna do some good but you wanna lock him up?! They hating on Chief Sosa straight up! He got the streets popping right now, real niccas salute Keeth. The hood gonna hold him down though, cuz he got hits. #FREESOSA. The hoods missing you already.

  • popular demand

    lol shut up. we demand death penalty

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    Good. This dude has nothing but a bad vibe to him; everyone around him dying or getting in trouble with the law.

  • LoveSofa

    well…he’s not trying to do any good….that’s why he’s going to jail

  • Disfunction

    He should get life for killing Lil JoJo

  • LOUD

    Is it wrong i care more about the death of manti teo’s imaginary girlfriend then i do about this lil dumb nigga?

  • j


  • Good Peoples!

    @KING Out of your life??? Do you know how pathetic and stupid you sound??? I mean really

    @Disfunction Hey dumbass he was in NY when jojo was murdered

    But any way i bet you faggot ass mothafuckas thought that he was gonna get years but im glad yall mad he only getting 2months, a EASY sentence!

    CHOKE ON THAT Frank ocean loving HOMOS

  • @capital punishment, hes only 17 you really think he deserves a life sentence?

  • we here now

    say what you want about chief keef, but he is real hip hop. every rapper raps about killing people, having guns, and selling drugs. chief keef is the only one that actually does any of that. biggie, 2pac, all of wu tang, nas, and snoop all rapped about murder, but never had the balls to do it. chief keef is the definition of a real nigga. everybody who commented are probly bitch ass white boys trying to be black, so it don’t matter what they think.

  • Real talk

    I have one question! Would you internet bitches say any of the shit you are writing about him to his face or to one of the dude’s in his crew?????? No! B/c yall cowards! Only talk that shit behind a computer

  • bobbychalkers

    @we I usually never comment on here but that is the most inane block of text I’ve seen in quite some time So you have to murder, own guns and sell drugs to be a “real nigga”? Well call me an Uncle Tom.

  • @we here now – – You can call him ‘real’ all you want, whatever ‘real’ even means to you. But real HIP HOP? No. Keef’s genre is Igno-rap.

  • chuck


    you just set back the entire human race about 50 years. thank you for that intellectual analysis. Keep on keepin on.


    It’s good he’s only getting two months, he can keep doing what he does.


    @bobbychalkers No bitch he’s not real b/c he does those things he’s real b/c he lives what he raps about unlike every other rapper!


  • mez

    Whether he’s killed anyone or deserves a life sentence or not, think about how many kids he’s influenced to do that shit. Even one is too many.
    I’m not saying he should get life in prison, but I just wish he could stop making music and stick to fucking up his own life instead of thousands of others.
    Coming from a 17 year old black kid.

  • GTFO

    @mez Yea sure you’re black *Sarcastic

  • Jason

    @Good Peoples, you’re ignorant dude. Lives what Rap is about? You are really the bottom of the gene pool. You’re the reason Rap get’s a bad name from those that don’t enjoy the music. Dude should get the mandatory minimum like the law says, too bad he is a minor. Keef knew JoJo was superior to him and even if he didn’t pull the trigger, his ignorant ass had something to do with it. Dude knew he wasn’t supposed to be at a gun range, so either he didn’t care or he is even more ignorant than I give him credit for. Either way once he hits 18, he won’t have the ‘minor’ argument on his side anymore. He’ll be back in jail and dumb mother fuckers like you will be wearing FreeKeef shirts and sucking touching yourself to his music. Get over yourself.

  • Good Peoples!

    @Jason Oh yeah im gonna read that paragraph you just wrote me LOL! *Sarcastic

    DUMBASS got too much time on yo hands smh

  • shuddup

    If chief keef rapped like big l half of you people would be saying free chief keef lol hipocrits, almost all of the greats rapped about the same thing chief keef raps about..its jus thhat he can’t rap so you hate him because he’s “destroying hip hop” so you use his content as an excuse to hate him. I guess biggie,pac, big l, and big pun also deserved the death penalty rite?

  • WEST

    @Good Peoples
    Man you sound like a piece of shit. youre sucking that sosa dick so well. you sound like you fucked the nigga and he let you swallow.

  • re

    i actually agree with we here. you people are the first to condemn rappers about not living what they rap about, then when someone actually does you just find a new angle to complain about. interesting

  • myper spective

    @we and all you other ignorant fools. So chief keif a real rapper because he raps about the same shit that has most of the black male population behind bars? So we shoud hail him because he “walks the walk”? Thats why black men will never live up to their true potential. The white man just chillin sittin back watchin, because people like chief keef and others like him or doing his job for him. The oppressed doing the oppressing.

  • d-bo

    @We here

    Chief Keef was cryin in the courtroom after he got read his sentence, begging for leniency and sayin he a ‘good person’ n all that. Real nigga shit.

  • d-bo

    60 days ain’t shit in juvy. Da fuck he cryin bout?

  • Smackfest

    Hail to the chief.see u soon breh

  • kimkardashianshairyasshole

    Lock up this talentless ignorant piece of shit for life.

  • j

    “I beg you please…Give me one more chance to show you…I am a very good hearted person. I have not picked up anymore cases…That’s not my life anymore.”

    Now that’s gangsta

  • Chief Keef is not the problem. the culture is. you can send him to jail but it can’t solve the problem. exp in Chicago.