Consequence – Movies On Demand 4 (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka January 17, 2013

From A Tribe Called Quest to G.O.O.D. Music and now Love & Hip Hop, Consequence has seen it all. Those life experiences are sprinkled throughout the raps of his latest freelease, which you can stream and download down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Consequence – Movies On Demand 4 (Mixtape)

  • brite

    Fuck this nigga’s life.

  • coolcat

    lost all respect for this clown

  • che

    hope he linked up with Karriem Riggins again! We need that heat!

  • rude

    Back cover art: “Hrmmm, what time is it?”

    Front cover art: “Time for some smaller caps on my teeth!”

  • damn

    so this is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you smh

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    Hip hop fans are some of the most emotionally stupid people ever stop hating on dude cause of kanye west the clown who got a hoe pregnant and listen to the music cause its dope

  • SMH


    AKA Meka’s a faggot.

  • Jason

    @The Big Lynx, dude made better music before he started blaming others for his failure. It has nothing to do with hating on him because of Kanye. He pulled a Remy Ma and Kanye had to cut him loose. Now it’s apparent in his music that he would have been better off had he sucked up his pride and apologized instead of lashing out at the head of a Team. Consequence is horrible, I would rather listen to Cons than to Lil B, but dude has fallen a long way.

  • JERZ

    This shit is still pretty dope all the thumbs down are just haters that didn’t even listen to the tape. Of course he was better with Good Music but this shit isn’t as bad all ya’ll make it out to be.

  • xDesmond

    I was just scrolling through iTunes, listening to MoD 2, I didn’t even know the 3rd one came out lmfao. Notice the quality of the features goes down each tape as people stop fucking with him more and more.

  • adi Pre

    I realise why you dudes hating on Cons, but fuck it, “Don’t quit your day job” was a nice album.

  • thekilk

    cons brings it pretty much every time

  • King

    Are you guys kidding? This is a great album/mixtape. The beats are on point and cons flow is perfect.

  • Scrillz

    Shit goes hard. Period. Stop hatin’…

  • ConsIzThtNigga

    i swear before this nigga went at good music he was gettin sucked in the c section, cons has never been wack, nigga might not be givin you full facts he knows more about kanye west,and good music than u good music dickriders know, and im a good music fan