Curren$y Confirms Pilot Talk III with Ski Beatz

blame it on Illy January 17, 2013

Though he doesn’t exact state when we’ll get to hear it, Spitta has confirmed on Twitter that he has begun working on the early stages of his forthcoming project, Pilot Talk III, with Ski Beatz.

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  • YES!


  • XXhale

    please bore me some more with garbage recycled weed lyrics i cant wait !!

  • Joe

    thats a dramatic ass picture

  • sean sheldon

    Pilot Talk 1 & 2 are both great albums. No one can deny that.

  • Gin Toki

    @Joe You smacked bruh

  • Mike Tomlin

    PT 1&2 are light years ahead of most of Curren$ys new work. Hopefully PT3 delivers

  • Shotgun Charlie

    Im not feeling Curren$y anymore, but Im looking forward to this.

  • Kofstar

    I feel like Curren$y always puts his best material out on Pilot Talk albums.

  • dev

    i dont see why he is praised so highly. not only is he not that good of a rapper, he is oversaturating his material.

  • SourHop

    He has a great ear for beats and when you’re talking about your life and not msde up bullshit you can make a lot of material and true fans don’t think it’s over saturating… They admire somebody that has proof that they’re one of the hardest working emcees out

  • cap

    everyone just pretend pilot talk 1 and 2 are the only albums hes ever 0ut out. pretend the only mixtapes he ever put out were smokee robinson and how fly. now lets wait and listen to PL3 and see what we got

  • King jones

    Looking forward to this

  • eZ

    *spits out coffee GTFOH!! We’ll see.. if it actually happens, shyt should be Epicly rewarding