• Wonton Soup

    This dude look like he gone be scoring the soundtrack to TCAP, with verbal excuses as his instrument of choice.

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  • Bass

    Whatever happened to Mr Hudson

  • DK

    I just want more TNGHT

  • MacDoober

    they wouldnt let him change out his pajamas before they took that pic?

  • http://lordamadeus.tumblr.com/ Lord Amadeus

    Twistclip loop. Check out the Childish Gambino remix.

  • http://onemillionbajillion.com OMB

    It's pretty awesome to see examples of producers "making it", getting signed, etc. Would like to see that more.

  • freestyle2fuseallday

    To those who slept on Hudson Mohawke, go kick yourself... then listen to "Fuse," that's when I really fck'd with the cat... big ups to him though, glad he's getting that recognition he deserves

  • “”””

    still remember that random online game too hahaha BUTTER