Ill Bill – Truth (prod. Pete Rock)

blame it on Meka January 17, 2013

You know? I wish Non-Phixion never split up. The Future Is Now was dope. Enough reminiscing, though, and enjoy this track from Ill Bill off his upcoming The Grimy Awards album. Props to ‘Plex Row.

  • TekZilla

    You’re right, Mek! The Future Is Now is classic! Admittedly I like the PR joint off that album a little better (If You Got Love) but this shit still goes. Cant wait or The Grimy Awards I’ve been bumping Ill Bill since I shot Reagan.

  • SMH

    Too bad Meka didn’t realize this when it came out, I’m sure he chalked up the whole Non-Phixon album as white boy rap back then. Racist faggot. Ohhh but nooow it’s a classic all these years later? Fuckin bandwagon bitch.

  • MacDoober

    @SMH …how does what he said indicate he didnt like it when it came out? his use of the word “reminiscing” leads me to believe he didnt come to that conclusion earlier today…so support your claim ya naive little head shaker. and im not even the biggest meka fan lol, but you embarrass both sides of the racial spectrum with your comment..well i can only speak for one side, but you know what i mean lol

  • who cares


  • Ryno Rodrigues


  • james

    Need some Pete Rock and Freddie Gibbs ASAP.

  • yugang

    Crazy good!

    been a long time since i commented on anything here on 2db