Lil Wayne – Staring At The World

blame it on Meka January 17, 2013

Speaking of Lil Wayne, this song by Pusha T and Gillie Da Kid’s BFF just hit the e-waves. No word on if it’s new or not, however.

  • Produced by Bigg D.
    Almost 100% sure this is a leftover from Carter III sessions, won’t be on his upcoming tape.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Too good to be new… Sounds like a Rebirth throw away.

  • That Guy

    this shit is terrible

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    sounds like a song recorded by some wack unsigned kid in his bedroom for a bit of fun

  • III

    Don’t understand how people can listen to Wayne’s autotuned voice…shit is just too annoying to me. He could be saying the dopest lines of all time and I still would skip this shit because it just sounds shitty.

  • Dope tho

    Definitely a leftover from around carter 3-rebirth time.

    Shit is raw as fuck tho

  • Dude shit sound so corny to me now.

  • mez

    sad that this is good fo wayne. sounds like prostitute flang. man carter 3 sessions were dope as hell.
    that being said, this is still pretty fuckin badr

  • Chad

    Aint gon even flex i came 2 hate on this shit but this shit go hard.Much better than all the bullshit he been droppin since rikers

  • Chad

    btw this is new lil wayne wat gave it away is him saying “fallin in love wit a skater” he only got on that skate wave once he started fuckin with odd future.

  • Good Peoples!

    This was just terrible!

  • Idk

    idk why ppl are saying this is old.

    he clearly said “you’re falling in love with a skater”