Pusha T: Wrath Of Caine (Preview)

blame it on Meka January 17, 2013

There’s no set release date, but we can all assume that Pusha’s next mixtape will drop within the coming weeks. One request from my end, however: can it have a Clipse x Neptunes track on there?

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  • The Big Lynxbowski


  • AiMajor

    Yea Pusha needs to give up the dope boy rap, even if he did really push the white girl… Niggas been in the industry long enough that we ALL KNOW YOU DONT NO MORE, and prolly never really did. But Pusha Wack so whatever

  • iamlegend24

    Both of y’all clowns shut the Fuck up pusha is the best rappers out and y’all don’t say Shit when Rick Ross clown ass have these drug dealer raps this clown was a c o. But y’all except that Fuck y’all

    • AiMajor

      @ me on twitter @ImAiMajor

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Honestly it’s just embarrassing now, even Ricky Ross didn’t take it THIS far.

    We get it Terrence, you claim to sell drugs, lots of cocaine, snort, whitegirl, coca, snow, blow. You live in a mansion with an assortment of guns, choppers in the closet and millions in the ceiling.

    Blah blah blah.

    What is so special about Push that means he gets a pass with his fabricated lifestyle?

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      Maybe the fact that it isn’t fabricated?

  • No Way Hozay

    Mickey Mouse has sold more cocaine than this guy

  • purdylongmoney

    this is cabbage but the dickriders gone DOPE this for sure

  • Tha Phantom

    Stop complaining, sure he probably doesn’t sell anymore, he might not have even sold much back in the day. But, truth of the matter is, it’s all an act. And an entertaining one at that, I’m amused by his raps and this video was pretty cool. It’s for enterternment isn’t it? And all he is is just an artist, and a creative one at that. He stays in his creative zone and does it well. No need to hate

  • realtalk™

    We don’t know if he ever sold coke but people from his camp got life sentences for drug trafficking.

    Meanwhile Rick Ross claims to be a kingpin while it’s proven he used to be a C/O.

    And let’s be honest if we ignore the hype/sales and how much they’re bending the truth, Pusha is 100 times the rapper Rick Ross is.

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      I fucks with Ross but he doesn’t sell records. Not one platinum album in his catalogue. Barely has gold ones. Him and Pusha are right on the same level. Ross is just more popular.

  • QZA

    What is so special about Push that means he gets a pass with his fabricated lifestyle?

    TruthHurtsNigga said this on January 17th, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    ^^ you heard the dude rhyme? just shut the fuck up. your “truth” is sure as fuck not “hurting” Pusha.

  • malcyvelli

    ill bet money that the people trying to shit on push probably werent even on rap shit during the clipse days, if so, theyd probably respect him enough to let him do his thing, dude def has the street cred and respect points to still bust coke raps

  • marty mcfly

    About the whole dope boy shit? I would much rather hear him rapping about cocaine then rapping about little Wayne. Pusha is not one of these young cats that just started rapping and wanna act like they ever sold coke. Pusha is really from that era where alot of people were selling it. Now during that time you have small time dealers and big time dealers. The reason why some rappers talk about the latter of the two in their music is because they know its only a few of those people left cause it was only a few of those type of people running around selling kilos on a consistent basis when cocaine was really moving like that. Now some will say thats glorifying a destructive act and yes that may be true but Pusha is continuing that lane of hip hop and really drug dealer raps have been around for a long time now so I dont know what the big deal is. Now if a rapper is lying about they shit, thats different but if Pusha is telling the truth then thats a different situation cause the truth is the truth. I dont know Pusha so I dont know what he ever did but some MCs are actually telling the truth. Put SkyBalla in the search box on this site, he got a song called Im Not A Rapper and when he says that he’s being real about it. So im glad Pusha back on this kinda shit. Just saying

  • Funny how the comment section is full of hating ass faggots but yet there are way more DOPES then NOPES!

    I’m thinking one faggot ass dude is writing all the hating comments and just changing his name smh LOL!


  • Washcloth

    Who cares if all Push talks about is drugs, he does it with more class and skill than these other rappers.

  • 1hunnit

    ^^ Truth and I sometimes I don’t think hes glorifying but he is just giving us the reality of it.


    Yall have to admit……

    Pusha restore the feelin’ of when niggas made a killin’
    Hidin’ choppers in the closet, half a million in the ceiling
    Got the razor on the counter, Arm & Hammer in the kitchen
    Just to keep my feet in Christians and keep fucking all y’all bitches!

  • Lol, is these tight assed dweebs really whining about Pusha’s subject material? Forrealsies? Ya’ll dweebatrons really comparin’ Pusha’s lyricism to Rozzay’s lack thereof?



    Let me put this shit in a way you Puritanic dorks can understand. If you had to beat ya meat to cyber sex, would you rather have A) one sentenced cursory bullshit like, “hmm yeh lemme fuck you”, or B)Some descriptive, Delta of Venus type shit, some shit,”He was now in that state of fire that she loved. She wanted to be burnt”

    Ross is “A”; Pusha is “B”. Ya’ll should know by now that cyber sex is a step below phone sex, but if you HAD to get ya nut off to some fuckin text, you’d at least want that shit to be poignant or whatever, right?

    OR you could get laid. But none of ya’ll gonna do that anyway.

    Yeah, no shit Pusha’s rappin about shit that’s deplorable and is a harbinger of ill will yada yada yada – but the nigga vivid with it. And if I wanna listen to some nigga talk about how he poisonin his own kind, I wanna hear that Anais Nin type of shit; I ‘un wanna hear no Stephanie Meyer type shit.

  • d

    He sold cocaine and now he sells rap music about it…obviously he makes enough that he doesn’t have to still sell coke…case closed

  • QBN

    You DON”T NEED STREET CRED… to be a successful rapper, because most fans don’t care. Take a look..

    Lil Wayne = fake Blood, kisses men on the lips, still popular.

    Game = fake Blood, possibly a former male stripper who’s lies have been exposed so many times; still popular.

    Ross = fake drug dealer, used to be a correctional officer; still popular.

    Nobody credible has came out with proof that Pusha wasn’t deep in the coke game, and even it they did, it wouldn’t matter. All you need to do is make “hot music”.. few people care about “realness” anymore.

  • roy

    i dont care how factual or fictitious this shit is its boring as fuck. and none of you niggas care about this nigga unless he playing wingman to kanye or dissing wayne. check his other posts

  • Jeremy

    I am over this. What is with this fetishism around authenticity amongst rap fans? Did it matter whether Biggie was really a thug? Did it matter whether Raekwon the chef was really “cooking”? Was Tupac’s message made more real because of his rape conviction? MF DOOM speaks about running a global operation of villainy – does it matter that he isn’t?

    I feel sorry for you all. You guys don’t get to appreciate rappers like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Rick Ross – who are all skilled lyricists.