Random Acts Of F*ckery: Spring Breakers Edition

blame it on Meka January 17, 2013

Ladies and germs, the first RAoF of 2013. Jesus, take the wheel.

  • Rio$


  • joshestes

    ummm is James Franco’s character based off of Riff Raff?

  • randy

    james frances as riff raff

  • dboss

    I’ll admit, this movie looks awful, but I’ll also admit to my strange like for Riff Raff, whom James Franco is apparently loosely playing in this movie.

  • bongwater

    i dont see why this is considered fuckery


  • Jus10

    I am so emberrased by my generation (and the slightly younger ones)

  • los

    i wouldve thought the manti teo shit be the first RAoF of the year lol.


  • Wade Wilson

    How is this Fuckery??? Really do you not enjoy film? I mean if it was some sort of straight crazy spring break film like most assumed I could see why but this looks like it may actually surprise a few people. Step your film game up kid!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stopit5

    I’m going to see this.

    lol my word

  • TheFuckingTruth

    Well I guess Meka doesn’t know who Harmony Korine is…

    Movie looks classic.

  • King Tyrone

    Franco starring as one Jody Highroller lmao

  • Artclasshero

    Mehhhh not really fuckery worthy.

  • Stay Frosty

    Seeing this on the first day!

  • Isaiah

    are ya’ll fucking serious? have you seen a Harmony Korine film? KIDS? Gummo? like dude said step your film game up Harmony Korines a God.

  • [email protected] not knowing the mehness of drug-addled hipster shit extraordinaire, Harmony Korine

    Step ya game up; you lookin basic, Meka.

  • Ace Hood’s mom

    This looks amazing…

  • malcyvelli

    this wasnt bad enough for a RAOF, riff-er i mean, james franco looks funny with them dreads though

  • j

    haha fuckin hell 1st thing I thought before checkin c section was ‘riff raff’ should of just gave the man the part

  • Poooos

    Only act of fuckery is that bitch Meka.. Kill yaself cocksucker

  • Gotta agree, this was a weak move filing this under ‘fuckery’. This movie was written and is being directed by Harmony Korine, the same dude that wrote the screenplay for ‘KIDS’ back in the day.

    He’s written a ton of shit that has even more followers, so you kind of leapt before you looked on this one, Meka.

    Plus Franco in cornrows has got an auto-purchase from me.

  • Jojoba

    Holy-s MAN James Franco playing Riff Raff in a movie with Gucci Mane directed by the guy who did Gummo this shit looks epic

  • Meka you fucking idiot this isn’t even fuckery!

    Do you know who Harmony Korine is?

    Meka acting all fuckery tbh, you bitch!

  • 1hunnit

    Cute white girls tho..that’s that shit I do like

  • what…in the…hell

  • Jerry Sandusky

    Y’all wanna die tonight?

  • Jason

    I thought it was Riff Raff for real, that dude is garbage. Why do people come to 2DopeBoyz if all they are going to do is talk crap about Shake and Meka? That’s weak man, only a guy with a small cock would do something like that from behind a computer screen. Grow up man.

  • jundamane24

    It’s directed by Harmony Korine & James Franco gives suposedly one of his best performances to date. Count me in

  • 2dope4nope

    Haha word that Manti dude gets RAOF for like the whole year of 2013 IMO haha that shit is just turrible (Barkley voice)

  • Dont Worry

    My nigga Riff Raff got a movie deal. wow. I hope Gucci Mane empties a clip in all those hoes

  • Kanye East

    You’re all missing the point of this movie: moar Selina Gomez cleavage.

  • MewLover34

    Co-sign everyone calling Meka a dummy for not knowing anything about movies. This will easily be one of the best movies of the year.

  • Cj

    Meka and his ignorance strikes again

  • HT

    this is pretty much James Franco’s “Gigli” for his career

  • 1

    Movie looks kinda dope, thx for the heads up, i guess…?!

  • confused

    what just happened?

  • haha


  • qwertyuiop

    James Franco’s character is based on a rapper from Florida called Dangerous…not based on Riff Raff. But Korine and Franco did watch some Riff Raff videos on youtube before developing the character.

  • Que

    This movie looks really shitty. I can see the plot laid out in the trailer, they’re using the strategy of attaching big names to a film to draw in box office, and everyone who likes Harmony Korine is gonna dickride and go see it anyway, based off of films he did over ten years ago. This shit is disgusting. It goes to show the lengths media will go to to make a buck off the public in 2013. (P.S. I’d trade this movie for a James Franco as Riff Raff biopic any day)

  • LexiCon

    you guys act like Harmony Korine is some genius writer/director like Martin Scorcese or Oliver Stone. wtf? Nobody even knows that guy. Speaking of “KIDS” and “Gummo” – they’re both wack.

  • Mac Dre

    @qwertyuiop Actually, Franco has said he based his portryal off of Riff Raff. I don’t know if the character is based off of someone else, but Franco said he decided to act out the role like Riff Raff. This definitely is NOT a RAoF. Smh at Meka for this one. He usually does a good job with these, even if he often screws up the background info and stuff for artists. These are the same people that did KIDS and Gummo. Mek must not know films and realize this will be good. The only question is how good.

  • j

    SMH @ Meka always trying to be some elitist.

  • Too_D