• http://www.scoggs.net scoggs

    That was nice! Brother Ali has always been good.

  • Gilad

    This is great!

  • DQ


  • yyyyyy

    brother ali and lupe...the only reason i listen to rap

  • Dave

    Ali made the beat? maybe he should produce his own album next time

  • wwe

    @yyyyyy narrow minded faggot

  • http://www.gandanga.com gandanga

    Yea mann good look I am sure Nard was touched by this, dude knows his hohop and his interviews are awesome !

  • Washcloth

    Now this is what you call gratefulness, respect to Brother Ali.

  • dre nova

    Keep on rocking in the free world. Doo doot, do doo doo… doo doo!

  • http://drumloop808.bandcamp.com DRUMLOOP808

    Love this tune, Nardwuar is a crazy dude! You guys should see that Flying Lotus interview he did. Dope post!

  • T-Dot

    @shake check your tweets man i got a drake exclusive.....

  • INS

    i think its "doot doodle-oot doot, doot doot".......lol just messin